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Monday, May 08, 2006

BI Nano - for a littler sense of integricility

Here's another verion of the BI "You Bet Your Pants Ass I Signed Up!!" pic, for those who might have a smaller sidebar. (See a Doctor about that, will ya?)

To save, right click and choose Save Image As -
[If you're using a Mac, press the Me Savey Picture button.]
[If you're using a Mac and wearing a coonskin cap, press the Me Davey Crockett button.]

Rip -

Oh yeah, just my size! I'm taking it!

(I'm secretly hoping pervs will stop by thinking they're going to get some porno action...buahahahaha! Well, you never know....)
I don't suppose I can get away with using the logo even though I refuse to sign the stupid pledge, right?
Oh fuck it, I have no integrity, so I can totally use it with no qualms.
We need to have a long protracted debate about which has more integrity, Macs or PCs.
Rip & NTodd, I'm getting a lot of hits at metacomments from this blog... I feel like Archie's Place is taking over All in the Family.

If either of you feel like signing us up for Site Meter, feel free. I bet we're evey bit as popular as Online Integrity...
I think you have to do it, Thers, to put the code into the source portion of the site.

I was getting a lot of hits from here, as well. When do we see the money?
I think you have to do it, Thers, to put the code into the source portion of the site.


I put the lotion on my skin. Why is that not enough?
The integrous would know instinctively that the number of site hits matters not.

At long last sir! Have you no integrity?
My 3 Macs regularly gang rape my 2 PCs.

Is that discrimination, or just plain ol' attytude?

I dunno.

BTW, has anyone here looked at the Word Verification commenting deal lately? I swear, tonight's word looks like Inna Gadda Da Vida but in Farsi script. I don't know who we're trying to keep out, but I'm pretty sure Jeff Goldstein won't figure it out.

I'm just sayin...
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