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Saturday, May 06, 2006

A Contest

Spork points out that we need one of those sidebar-banner-thingies so as everyone what has signed the pledge can demonstrate they have the Integrit-o-lossitude.

Anyone got any ideas and/or the Mad Skillz to design one for us?

The designer of the winning, uh, design will get an extra helping of delicious Integity and a side of Ethics.

The contest will be judged by the site proprietors and an Independent Integrity Expert, pictured below.

I'm workin' on it...I'm workin' on it.

I have a life, y'know.

(Just don't let that horrible WalterNeff in.)

Awright...where do I put it for evaluation?

(Picasa wants me to dowload something.

Mac friendly?)

Oi, maybe just email it to me?

AHAGGERT 99 at yahoo dot com
I'm concerned about what a shiny bauble might do to this site's integrity.
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