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Friday, May 05, 2006


Integrity Is Dad Fuckers!

I have no integrity, refuse to sign Ther's stupid motherfucking pledge, and I skipped the ethics part of the information security class I teach, so I have hacked this site. I also, like, like commas, and wear no pants.

Regardless, I call on all Muslims to condemn the Catholic Church, and all Chinese to condemn the Catholic Church's condemnation of Chinese Catholic Bishops, and all Martians to condemn drunken Mick louts, who refuse to condemn all condemnations done in their name.

Please sign my condemnation pledge, lest you be a Dhimmi in league with the Islamocatholocthulujihadofascoliberofuckoburgeros.


If you had any RealIntegrity™, you would condemn Dhimmis, Musselmen, Chinks, Micks and all Catholics.
I condemn your condemnation!

EEEEK! Blog integrity is being challenged!

Help, someone call Tacitus!

(He is linked over there... hope i got his web site right...)
Yeah, Hi... umm.. I was told that Michelle Malkin was going to do an online chat here. So.. uhh.. is there some sort of hidden link or password that I need? Like an egg or a pink sock to get into one of those New York parties, that kind of thing?

Ok, is the webmaster here so I could ask him? Is there... huh.. is there anyone that can tell me if Michelle will be chatting here?
NTodd will be playing the part of Michelle Malkin this Sunday. Stay tuned for more spicy details!
[does jaw unhinging exercises...2...3...4...]
I was told there would be no mention of pants.

Why do joo pants-wearing slave drivers eenseest on pushing eet een our faces, eh?

Some among joo are already pantsless, and pay a price for eet.

The day ees coming when those weethout pants weel rise up and shrrred thees pants of jours beyond all hope of wearing.

just joo wait.

Let the foot stamping commence!
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