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Monday, May 22, 2006


Is That A Pillar In Your Pants?

Daai Tou Laam Diary (I think the name is Chinese for I Have No Integrity™) apparently is just happy to see us:
[I]t was with great amusement that I was watching McDull, The Alumni during the rainy weekend. The kindergarten class was discussing "pillars of society" as every little boy and girl and pig and cow should want to grow up to be a "pillar of society". The teacher, Miss Chan, tells the pupils that tomorrow they should come to class dressed as the "pillar" they want to grow up as. A discussion between May and McDull begins on their costumes, when May states the ultimate question for Online Blogintegrity fans.
I find myself both vaguely disturbed and incredibly aroused by the discussion.

let's see,

Sr. Tom Legg's leetle joke went up at 1:54 pm, hees time,

and ntodd's response went up at 6:28 a.m. our time...

Damn, weeth the time difference I just can't tell how long eet was from pillar to post.

;) so.
Tom's problem is that he has Bloginflutie when he needs Blogintegrity.
even for cartoon pigs, those are some very strange looking pigs.
It's a pig and a cow.

And my superior levels of Bloginflutie allow me to be a master of working the clock, which is important when dealing with these complex issues of responses being posted before the original.
which is important when dealing with these complex issues of responses being posted before the original.

Just FYI, Blog Integrity™ is made null and void when used to tear holes in the fabric of space time.

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