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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Michelle Malkin - Sad pusbag? or sad bag of pus?

The Valley Girl of Socio-Political Discourse, Michelle Malkin, apparently has some blog-type thing, or what have you, in which she totally gags you with a spoon by laying down such witticisms as this:

As bad as things are for grass-roots conservatives following President Bush's "Read my lips: No new amnesty" speech, at least we're not in the absurd rhetorical position of confused moonbats.

Oh, Mercutio, am I now wounded? Good sir, tell me true, I beg thee! Have I long to live? I fear the blood doth rain from my body, crimson rivulets of this virility now feeding the Creeping Charley... my Father's dreams a mere whisp of moonbat smoke, drifting at the whims of the gods...

Err... yeah...

Anyway, you'll be happy to know:
We're opening comment registration again for a brief period if you want a place to vent.

Try as I might, I couldn't find any real value in Michelle's site. Where is the pithy analysis, Michelle?
Would love to participate, but I'm scheduled to appear on The O'Reilly Factor tonight to provide post-speech analysis.

Oh yeah... I forgot about that. I think Michelle is flat out, balls to the walls LYING when she says she's going to offer analysis. We all know that Michelle is a fucking hack, right? Right. And O'Reilly ain't exactly the Steven Hawkings of politics, if you catch my drift. I could forgive some of this, due to Michelle being an insecure, lying HACK, if it weren't for non-tegrilific bullshit like this...
(Biggest inside joke: That Karl Rove would ever call me for anything.)

Which is followed by a few blind links and this...
Doesn't mean it won't happen.

What the fuck, Michelle?!? God damn, woman, if you want people to write you and tell you how pretty and powerful you are (like Sela Ward in that Tom Hanks film with Jackie Gleason. God... Sela Ward... anyone else horny?) just fucking ask them to write you! I'm sure your Loon Squad will be happy to oblige; all the macho "ex-Marine snipers" thinking they'll get a kiss on the cheek from their Lady Michelle... puke.....

I could possibly find an uncharted corner of my heart to let all this go, if I hadn't read this...
Only now, on the day the Senate revisits his favored, faltering pet proposals for mass amnesty, does he find it important enough to send a show of military non-force down to the border--a show that was immediately emasculated to satisfy the "American is a continent, not a country" crowd.

Michelle, why do you hate the National Guard? Why do you spit on the men and women who sign up to protect America? Do you not know that the NG troops go thru real live Boot Camp, just like every other troop? Do you consider them less than soldiers? Do you not respect or appreciate the fact that if these NG troops are deployed, they leave jobs and families behind to stand on the fucking border to make "americans" like You happy? (lowercase intentional)

Michelle, your blog is a pissant adventure in narcisssism - a telling sign of your complete lack of integriphilia. You have none. You're the Milli Fucking Vanilli of bloggers. Fuck, you don't even write anything anymore - you just drop names and quotes. What fucking grade are you in, sweet cheeks? Do you take the time and effort to gut it out and run a blog or are you just phoning it in? Are you using a PNAC intern to do your work for you? Again, puke....

Do America a favor - either get yourself some integrimerity or shut. the. fuck. up...

Rip -

Well thank fuck I can finally access the site.

Now, what's all this about an emasculation show? Can I bring a fuckin' date?
I salute you for having the cast iron stomach required to even visit her site.

You obviously have more integrity than I.
You're the Milli Fucking Vanilli of bloggers.


How-joo-say "¡Bwaaaaaaah-ha!".

i read all that bullshit yesterday.

what price do you have to pay for going thru all this twice?

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