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Friday, May 05, 2006

One hundred and sixty bloggers have signed on in less than three hours! What a coup. Also, we've avoided getting stuck with Jeff Goldstein. Huzzah!

Rather a shame we couldn't get mental patients like Kim de Toit and Dhimmi Watch and Islam Exposed to come on board, like that other, less rigorous integrity site.



Father Jack Hackett has agreed to serve as our site's new Ethics Czar. He will be carefully monitoring all of the registered sites for strict adherence to The Rules.

I hope he'll be as steady a hand as Fred Phelps, but until the BlogAds money shows up, we'll make do.

It's very cool to follow the rules...
Ad money? I just signed on this project to get laid.
May I be the first to great father Hackett with the only three words he seems to understand: "Feck, Drink and arse!"
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