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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Physician, Fuck Thyself!

ShrinkWrapped is today's posterchild for balls-out, in-your-face onlinified integritudity. This weird site is the magnum opus of a "practising Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist" who uses his professional skills - though not, Lord knows, his professional ethics - to "make sense of" such fashionable ailments as Self-Hating Jewishness (i.e., being a Jew who fails to glorify the Israeli hard right in thought, word, and deed), and Conservative Fatigue Syndrome (i.e., a mild, easily reversible malaise that occasionally strikes loudmouthed assholes who've spent six years or more defending the indefensible).

ShrinkWrapped's discussion of self-hating Jews leads naturally to a discussion of Bush-hating lefties:
If we are at war with Islamic fascists, then those who oppose many or most of the Bush administration's efforts to use our full armamentarium against the Islamist enemy, including the ACLU, parts of the Democratic party, much of the MSM, almost the entire political and media establishment of Europe, and millions of people throughout the West, would be most charitably described as using the defense of denial to avoid knowing what the danger is and a small but influential sub-set would be employing "Identification with the Aggressor" in order to minimize their feelings of vulnerability and threat. Those people would be consciously aiding and abetting our enemies out of an unconscious process which includes "Identification with the Aggressor."
Cute, eh? While Tacitus troubles his beautiful mind over the vile ones who "mock the mentally ill," his worthy constituent ShrinkWrapped authoritatively argues that an "influential sub-set" of people who don't line up behind BushCo comprises pathological cases who consciously aid Islamofascism through an unconscious identification with it. (To be fair, he may have a point: On the surface, I aid and abet al-Qaeda 'cause I gots mad respeck for the pimp-ass styles they wear. But I've often suspected that I may identify on some deeper level with their eliminationist stance against the West. Still, that's just me.)

Having read the Ethics Code of the American Psychoanalytic Association, I think ShrinkWrapped is on very shaky ethical ground. (For the record, I think this is true of the guy who wrote Bush on the Couch, too.) But either way, I'm really glad that Tacitus - that passionate fighter against politically opportunistic rhetoric about mental illness - has given ShrinkWrapped's slanderous crackpot psychobabble a stamp of respectability.


I'd be honoured to sign up to your Online Blogintegrity

Devizes Melting Pot
have we found the old troll who wrote "yes, I am a psychiatrist"?

We'd be honored to have you! I'll post you shortly, and then you'll be able to grind your enemies under your heel, like we do.

And remember: If it ain't forbidden in our Statement of Principles, it's 100% integritudinous!

thees word, I do no theenk she ees being used correctly here.
...the Bush administration's efforts to use our full armamentarium against the Islamist enemy,

Hmmmmm, thees does no seem to comport weeth the defintion I found:
armamentarium ~ noun armamentarium:
the collection of equipment and methods used in the practice of medicine ~ wordnet.2 through princeton

So we must use our healing tools against the enemy?

Or ees he saying that Islam is a disease?

Either way, he ees one sheet-headed chachorrito.

I noticed that myself. But really, why not? If trepanation is beneficial, why shouldn't six to the noggin be a miracle cure? And if we use a little radiation to cure the scourge of cancer, why shouldn't we use a lot of it to cure the scourge of Islamofascism?

You need to learn to think of the nuclear football as Bush's little black bag of pills.
¿Mother's leetle helper?

Si, eef jour mother ees Bar Bush.

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