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Monday, May 15, 2006


The Success of Integrity

Just some updates on the vital statistics of the progress of the Online Integrity project.

The last comment on the site was on May 11, from someone styling himself "General JC Christian" (I suspect that this is a pseudonym of some sort):
Gen JC Christian Says:
May 11th, 2006 at 7:08 am

How do I get listed as an endorser? I want people to know that I have as much integrity as Dean Esmay.
The last trackback to the site comes from here, and it is not entirely complimentary. Indeed, it is almost (SHUDDER!) incivil:
So no, I won't be signing this pledge and actually, I would never sign any such pledge, no matter how well intentioned. I behave with integrity because I have integrity and I don't need any silly pledge to determine whether other people behave likewise; their actions will tell me soon enough whether or not they are good people or not.
Of course, one suspects that this individual is a (SHUDDER!) furriner, and furriners notoriously lack the integrity of say, Dean Esmay and the like. One hopes the National Guard might be deployed to stop such incursions in the future.

As for the Online Integrity E-mail discussion group, well...
Activity within 7 days:
(No Activity)
How melancholy! I for one am shocked that there is such an apparently widespread reluctance to spend hours and hours and hours and hours and hours discussing "Integrity" with Tacitus. Just.... shocked.

Never fear, though! An exciting new site I found on the list of Online Integrity signers,promises to explore in excruciating detail the sheer fun and intellectual excitement of Polite Discourse. It is called, thrillingly enough, Polite Discourse, and has a lot of terrific things to say, like:

Well, OK, I'm taking a little longer to get this site finished than I first thought. My target is May 15.
And, in a neat little blurb, the site poses the fascinating question:
How do we achieve concensus?
Not by learning how to spell, that's for damn sure.

It is nice to see though that a site that does not actually exist yet nevertheless has Integrity. How, uh, subjunctively ethical of them.

There is a reason, you see, that discussion of Integrity and Ethics is inherently fascinating and people really, really love it. Like they love eating Brussels sprouts in nothing sauce, with a side of raw wheat kernels and willow bark.


Willow Bark.

Can I have that with a side of cattails?
I think Polite Discourse is Michelle Malkin's vacation blog. And you can quote me on that. But don't quote me on that.
Can I have that with a side of cattails?


Jeez. Next you'll want free refills on the Pebble Juice.
shall we be forced, by necessity, to go through their blogroll, one by one, culling only those blogs who could benefit from the proven, easily-affordable, regimen of BLog-Integrity™?


Amigos, compañeros, we are meenutes, and one good powerpoint presentation away, from being meelionaires.

Dean Esmay Sucks?

This blog is about how much Dean Esmay sucks. Because he sucks a lot, that's why.
Posted by: Emily / 1:38 PM

Christ, people who don't agree with me shouldn't be allowed on the internet.
Posted by: Emily / 4:34 PM

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