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Thursday, May 25, 2006


A Test

Looks like we face the first test of the Emergency Integrity System. From Sadly, No!:
A few days ago, an anonymous left-blogger well known to many of us was outed, with his personal information including his employer and a photo of himself posted at a right-wing blog financed by the Discovery Institute — a fake ‘nonpartisan’ foundation that specializes in junk science and the Christian ‘Dominionist’ agenda.... [The wingnut] refuses to take the information down, instead threatening to expose other bloggers, threatening personal-grievance lawsuits of near-infinite variety, and (most recently) making false complaints to the ISPs of anyone who emails him on this subject.

He’s one of those young, completely dishonest GOP wingnut-welfare operatives who do nasty things to others, but then create whining victim-narratives when there are consequences.
The snotnosed twit in question revealed himself in the SN! comment thread:
No need to keep my identity secret (ooh, Mr. X, so mysterious) — I’m Patrick Bell everybody. My friends and fellow bloggers want you to keep the photoshopped images and “roasting” comments coming; they think it’s a riot, and tell me they haven’t laughed this much in months.

PS - If any Sadly, No! readers want to see what I’m really all about, visit my personal blog:

Dopey Blog link [fixed the link - Rip]

PPS - Contrary to what you’d have your readers believe, no one pays me to write my blog, and I do it from home before or after work :0) Speaking of work, where’ve I heard what you said about DI before? Typical poppycock…
Yeah the Discovery Institute isn't a nest of well-funded lunatics, mmmm-hmmm...

Anyway, the post where Pat does the "outing" is here.

This is a pretty clear case of a violation of the Sacred Principles.

Wonder if RedState, a proud signatory to the Sacred Principles, where this dipshit has a diary, is going to pants him and take away his marbles, or whatever. They "police their own" over there, or so I've been told.

We here at Blogintegrity anxiously await further developments.

[Update by Rip] - From Patrick's blog:

Privacy Policy: Anything emailed to a contributor of this site is fair game for public display. Since your true identity may be revealed, we suggest you choose your words wisely.

Another Malkinesque blogger who feels that if anyone says anything disagreeable to them, they're entitled to post personal info, in the hopes that other readers will harass the e-mailer. Wow, what a tough guy...

When it comes right down to it, it's not really about integrity - it's a matter of common decency and respect for other people. Patrick seems to be stuck in "look how she was dressed - she was asking for it!" mode. Nice...

Just posted this at Online Integrity; the comment has not shown up yet, but I'm sure it will. I'll also put it up at Swords Crossed (the Armando/Tacitus blog), SadlyNo!, and heck, let's see if we can get Atrios interested...

Patrick Bell of Respectfully Republican, Reagan's Children, probably elsewhere, and a diarist at Red State, has pretty clearly done something that violates the OI statement of principles.

The post where he does so is here. In this post he provides the real name and picture of someone who wished to remain anonymous, and added his employment information. There is no question that Bell did this on purpose; he acknowledges in the post that the person he outed "doesn't want anyone to know his full identity."

As far as I can tell, Bell has not signed the "pledge." However, we have been told that "Violations of these principles should be met with a lack of positive publicity and traffic."

To be fair, Bell defends himself here. Just to note, Bell apparently has no wish to be anonymous and makes his employment status clear, so his complaint that the person he outed did it to him first makes no real sense.

So there you go. What's the response?

My IntegritySense™ is tingling!
I screwed up that link? Dang....

These little Young Republicans are nasty little rodents, ain't they?
Wow, you guys really have a hard on for me! I'm so flattered that you'd take the time to highlight little old me!
No, Patty, we don't have a hardon for you. We just like pointing out that you're a limp dick.

And you might've noticed this little item in your dogdamned Pledge of Integritudeness:

"Private persons are entitled to respect for their privacy regardless of their activities online."

Which part of "regardless of their activities online" do you not understand? Your little disclaimer about e-mail is a violation of the very principles you claim to hold. Typical: words are always more imPOtent than deeds for you civil motherfuckers.
This post isn't really about you, punk. It's about whether or not the right-wing blogs who signed that stupid pledge are going to do what they said they would do -- that is, repudiate you.

Because you pretty clearly crossed the line. The one they drew.

I'm skeptical they will, but we'll see.
As far as I can tell, Bell has not signed the "pledge." However, we have been told that "Violations of these principles should be met with a lack of positive publicity and traffic."

His status as signatory isn't relevant. He is a member of Red State, who should repudiate him, as should all people who believe in the Integrity Fairy over at OI.
Talk about a witch hunt! Mr. Burns was never anoymous to begin with -- his domain is registered in his own name. He didn't post under a pseudonym either, "Clif" is apparently his name in real life, as well.

Why are bloggers on the Left so obsessed with anonymity? Is it because you blog from work? Are you afraid your employers are going to fire you for your viewpoints? What is it?

In my mind, Clif and other "academics" like him who are using the Internets to attack public and private individuals -- have no right to anonymity. The blogging public has a right to know who these creeps are, and until I'm convinced otherwise, I'll be continuing my "leftist of the week" column...
Why are bloggers on the Left so obsessed with anonymity? you not get the fact that we're calling people from the other side of the aisle on their bullshit civility and integrity pronouncements? You really are fucking stupid and obtuse, you fatheaded dick.

Is it because you blog from work? Are you afraid your employers are going to fire you for your viewpoints? What is it?

Actually, many people, including my bosses, read my blog. In fact, that's how they usually find out what's going on with me. I even linked to this very personal post on our internal blog.

But please do keep on "investigating". Maybe you can find out how many times Bill and Hillary have had sex this month, too. Could get you a job at one of our fine deadpaper publications.
Oh right. He wasn't anonymous, and that is why you said he "doesn't want anyone to know his full identity."

Anyway, you need to argue with the Right on this one, not the Left.

I was theenking of blogging thees myself, but deedn't for two reasons.

Primero, as the bloggerros at Sadly, No! have noted, there was no weesh to further publicize thees, and

Segundo, OnlineIntegrity ees withering away. Weeth no new posts seence the Feefth of May, and only 4 new comments een two weeks, I was torn between ridiculing them further, or no giving them further atención.

I should have known that my bloggerros compañeros would choose the ridicule, no?

I should have known that my bloggerros compañeros would choose the ridicule, no?

No! I mean, yes! Uh...

Whatever. I keep meaning to install the Official Online Integrity Deathwatch Counter, but keep not doing that because I have no Integrity™, but rather, Laziness®.
So let's see if I've got this straight.

With great fanfare, Tacitus sets up a blog called Online Integrity, the only clear purpose of which is to affirm a bipartisan obligation to respect online anonymity.

Another guy from RedState sneers at that obligation in word and deed.

Thersites points it out, and argues that the punishments suggested by Tacitus for those don't respect anonymity ought to be applied to Patrick Bell.

And what all this signifies, ultimately, is that bloggers on the Left are "obsessed with anonymity."

I'm confused.
In my mind, Clif and other "academics" like him who are using the Internets to attack public and private individuals -- have no right to anonymity.

I just got home from work and cracked open my first beer, so forgive me if I'm missing a point here, Patrick. But aren't you, a Think Tank employee, sort of an "'academic', using the Internets to attack public and private individuals"?

And not to belabor the point, but Yes - people do have a right to anonymity, as long as they're not engaging in libel or encouraging illegal behavior, precisely because it's the only way to guarantee a measure of personal privacy. I'm sure you rubbed your chin and shook your head vigorously when someone posted Malkin's personal info, or am I reading your ideological loyalty incorrectly?

What purpose does your "outing" serve, other than to harass and/or intimidate someone until they decide not to post? As far as I can remember, no one elected you the arbiter of acceptable political postings on the internets. If you don't like someone's views, engage them in lively debate or rebut them on your own blog, but leave the playground antics to the Enquirer - we'd do the same for you, Thinky.
a Think Tank employee, sort of an "'academic'


As joo say, joo have just returned home.

I know joo deed no really mean thees, eh?

And what all this signifies, ultimately, is that bloggers on the Left are "obsessed with anonymity."

Which is totally weird because I'm obsessed with pillow talk.
Oh, the Black Cat, you know my respect and admiration for you is bound only by... well, that restraining order, mostly. Come on, let's have a beer!! I promise to behave this time. heh!

The point I was making was that Patrick was being somewhat hypocritical in setting his sights on "academics" and ridiculing people he deems intellectual elites, or whatever the neocons are calling them nowadays, when he, himself, is hardly providing a service of any real value to Society as a Think Tank jockey for Intelligent Design.

I have great respect for teachers and professors, and have considered a career as an English/Literature teacher but just haven't made the commitment. I also have great respect for people who posses a high degree of intelligence. Enough respect, in fact, that I wouldn't post their personal info if I disagreed with their views.

I'm sure Patrick will be back with a devestating rejoinder, any time now. Say, how did he find this site, anyway?

Patrick, are you Googling yourself? If it's any comfort, let me say this:

We believe in you, Thinkerbell! We do! We do!!
Well, it seems Sadly No has given the go-ahead, and Atrios has picked it up...
I love how Bell makes fun of the tags the "lefty commenters" go by. That's rich, coming from the Right, where bloggers known as "Hindrocket" and "the Deacon" dwell.

How small and dimly lit the cave of their nasty little lives.
arguing with a troglodyte?
This is shaping up to be seriously unpleasant...for Patrick Bell. I do not think it has yet occurred to him that these actions of his can have real-world consequences. I hope it does not come to that.

That said, remind me NEVER TO PISS OFF GAVIN. I mean, those guys at S,N are usually jolly and cheery and extremely funny. But I don't believe that Gavin is joking around about this.

Patrick Bell seems to think this is some sort of game (I swear, this is Wingnut Symptom 1, they ALL have it), and that there can possibly be a 'winner' in this game. I am very much afraid that he will find out that is not true. He does not strike me as being terribly bright, even for someone working at DI. *sigh*

It's like Disgusting Curiosities on the Highway, as a friend used to call roadkill. You don't want to look, but you can't look away.
Has anybody notified that most integritodelicious of bloggers, Gen. J.C. Christian, about this fine young DI specimen? I'm sure he'd be delighted to recruit him for Operation Yellow Elephant.
Well, you can't exactly call them hypocrites for ignoring the little shit, if their pre-decided punishment was a lack of publicity and traffic. And I can't say that he doesn't deserve to labor on in obscurity.

So, maybe viewed in this light, Online Integrity is more of a pact not to talk about Online Integrity violations. This would certainly be consistent with the list of signatories, which overlapped considerably with the list of offenders.
last anon:


Why are they deleting posts, though?

Armando was big into the OI stuff... lemme email him...
Actually, we have reason to believe that we're the only ones actually checking OI, which we do only for snark purposes. We also know that Tacitus has taken his ball and gone home, and is not playing on Crossed Swords anymore...


Gosh, Integrity is Fun!
Hey everyone? I've just finished pissing in the town well, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in signing my Online Clean Drinking Water Integrity Act. Thanks.

Remember, everyone who doesn't sign is a filthy cur, and I've just learned that for some reason, the Left is obsessed with "integrity." Thanks again!

--Water Inspector
Perhaps a few choice emails to the lefty bloggerro signatories weel provide some action.

Pipples like:

Certainly they weel show some integrity, no?

EGN, good point...

I got dibs on Ezra!
Patrick Bell seems to think this is some sort of game (I swear, this is Wingnut Symptom 1, they ALL have it),

That's exactly right. They're like kids who are hepped up on seven bowls of Count Chocula, competing via xBox for the title of "Ultimate Ass-Kicking Master of All Creation."

If I were Bell, I'd be getting a very good legal advisor right about now. As Rod Steiger said in The Big Knife, "This man buries himself with his mouth."
I weel e-mail Aziz Poonawalla to see what he says on thees, seence he was the only "lefty" to post on the site.

Who weeshes to write Mary Scott?

oh, and Thersites,
joo owe me a donut.

Online Integrity is more of a pact not to talk about Online Integrity violations

I believe that was the intent, from which all meaning derives.
EGN, One Donut.
Long story short:

Aziz says that he would not know how to deal weeth pipples that break their pledge, or even eef he should.

He weel no post an article on hees blog to excoriate them, for that geeves them good publicity, somehow.

He weel no even email them or anyone else on the site to eenform them of the violation of their pledge. He has no idea of what he should say even eef he felt like emailing them.

According to heem thees ees the same as a diarist on dKos posting sometheeng that broke the pledge. Joo could no hold the site accountable for one person's actions.

Yet the Redstate site, as a whole, ees on the leest as a signatory,

and the dKos site deed no sign up for any steenkin' pledges

So I guess thees Integrity Pledge, eet ees just like a Chastity Pledge.

More honored een the breech then een the observance.

Hey, why doesn't Armando recruit Paddy-whack to replace Trevino over at that dick-crossing place? He's already welcomed a few more bottom-feeders from RedState (including a self-proclaimed "classical liberal" - consider me impressed). If he wants to pretend that wingnuts want a real debate, go all the way: Paddy, Kaye Grogan, the Swanksta, D-Ho. Just do it!
I'm beginning to think this whole Integrity and Civility thing is just a farce.
Nuts. I guess it's about time we emailed Red State itself.

That'll get results, I'm sure...
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