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Saturday, May 27, 2006


We Await News

So we emailed RedState about Pat Bell. We await with bated breath their response. Oh God this is so exciting. I nearly dropped two ice cubes instead of three into my gin and tonic.

Text of the RS email below:
Hello, Red State.

One Patrick Bell, a diarist at your site and a blogger at both "Respectfully Republican" and "Reagan's Children," has delightedly violated the terms of the Online Integrity Pledge by "outing" a blogger who wished to remain anonymous.

The post where he did so is


Additional documentation furnished upon request. But he did do it, and has vowed to do it again. He is, as the young people say, "totally busted."

We observe that you are signatories to the Online Integrity pledge according to which outing someone who wishes to remain anonymous is a big bad No-No.

We respectfully request that you inform us as to your proposed course of action, if any, in this matter.


Thers, Revered and Beloved Founder
Online Blogintegrity

Oh, not only do I reserve the right to publish their email, I also reserve the right to relay their response in the voice of Herve Villechaize.

Well, fuck.

Nah, I wouldn't publish their emails.

UPDATE: Well, we have our answer! It is, essentially, that if he does something like this on their site, they will do something about it. No word on the denial of links, no publicity, shunning, public shaming, snicker-snagging, etc. I assume that is all being done behind the scenes, though. As Tacitus has reminded us, the Right Polices Its Own. (Or as Michelle Malkin has declared, the Right deals with its own crazies. Which presumably means getting them a contract with Regnery to put out a book stuffed with racist tripe.)

We have also been told that we are playing a "cynical game of gotcha" in the face of a noble attempt to set clear standards of Civilized Online Behavior.

Perish the thought. We are driven solely by Love. (Except for NTodd, who is driven by his need to clear his name and find the real killer before it is too late! Run, NTodd! Run! THEY KNOW WHERE YOU ARE! Put down that jelly donut and RUN!)

Because we certainly would have no reason whatsoever to be cynical about Online Integrity...

You know, the URL for this site is kinda fucked up. I just noticed that.

Maybe our beloved and revered founders should next time have fewer glasses of whiskey before they do their beloved and revered founding shit.

I blame Eli.
Don't change it the url!
The repetition adds seriousness and soberness and shows you are serious people.
I'm the guy who wrote the first comment on the "protein wisdom and civility thread"
I have nothing to do with the actual offender.
I really thought it was JG, cause I couldn't understand who else would be so wrought up in the game.
Anyway, my apologies for not being seriousserious enough in my blogblogblogcommenting.
Beloved, si...


I must say, does have a nicer reeng to eet...

although the currrent url does have a note of mismo-referencio
wheech geeves eet that "meta" feeling.

Maybe the problem is that we're not alerting the people who haunt the Online Integrity Discussion Group.

You know...all zero of 'em.
Thers is neither revered nor beloved, but he is drunk.

And I like the fucked up URL. Thought it was deliberate, but I should've known better. Damn Micks.
Let's invite Jonah and Michele over for a gangblagang...
Is that a good idea?
Sadly, no.
But maybe a bbq would be cool.
anon, when I reread it all I concluded that it was indeed one of Jeff's commenters. So no worries. I'm also pretty sure that at least one of the anonymouses in those threads was paste-boy himself. (He has an, um, inimitible style...)
We have also been told that we are playing a "cynical game of gotcha" in the face of a noble attempt to set clear standards or Civilized Online Behavior.

You know why I respect the Right so goddamn much? It's 'cause they eschew moral relativism.
Question: Is it true that Paul Deignan is one of the co-founders of OI?
He's got the qualifications---he should at least be on their ethics committee.
Give a point to NTodd.
Looks like he nailed it when he said the purpose of OI was to cover up transgressions on the right.
[looks at jelly donut, gently places it on the table, covers it with a napkin, and weeps as he runs out the door]
Thers, perhaps joo could post the email.

¿Ay... ees anyone going to eat thees donut?
I still gots dibs on that there donut. I expect it will still be here after I find the Real Killer®.

[stern look at cat]
(bathes nonchalantly)

bathe bathe
Your bathing behavior doesn't fool me, Deceptive Feline. I've got my eye on you. So does Mex.
OT, but I just read pasty's latest output.
I think I understand why he is such an idiot.
He claims he wrote this latest, LONG, piece of crap in 25 minutes.
I guess that, like Bush, JG doesn't "argue with himself"---i.e. think.
OT, but I just read pasty's latest output.

yes, me too. quite the jerk'n off in his ass. but he's in a hurry to get pump'n...

i certainly don't pretend to understand any of this semiotic crap, which in college i determined was a lot of jerk'n off in your ass. it's no doubt more significant, but pasteater does seem a bit defensive.
If Pasty loses an argument intentionally, does that mean he actually won?
That's pretty radical, man.
Check out the #2 hit at

I see that OI has another dustup they cannot talk about, because of their strict code of conduct.
I hope that we on the left can avoid blame-gaming over the entirely unforeseeable sequence of events in which Pasty's request for Thers' identity led to his and his wife being identified in Pasty's commments.
I can just see the incivility of the left rising up in response to this event about which I will not write any more, and I am already outraged.
Silence, angry left. SILENCE!!

Shouldn't Pasty be trying to prove that Thers occupies and endowed chair at a top university, considering how poorly he has fared in arguments with T?

P.P.S I'm angry. Deal, Pasty.

P.P.P.S. For months now, I have avoided commenting on rightie blogs because I knew that I ran a certain risk of being outed, should the blogger decide to do so. Asswipes. Send them all to Kabul.
OH, this is nice .
Pasty writes:
"I’d still like to know Thersites’ and NYMary’s academic specialization—and their dissertation topics."

Why? It's not like he could understand their theses.
It took a bit for me to find out what PLUCRS meant, when I went to their blog. At first I thought it was "Pee Lickers Under CoVeRs."

Then I thought maybe "Panty Liners..." nah, never mind. I was actually saddened to find ot it was Pacific Lutheran University College Republicans. I think Garrison Kiellor, as the World's Most Visible Lutheran, would be ashamed.

And it's darned Christian of them to be outing anonymous bloggers, too. Why, one of them even apologized, kinda, when he said: "My last edition of "Leftist of the Week", which featured "Clif" from "" may have gone too far, as perhaps did my comments on his blog. Attacking someone on the web (whether outing them, or excoriating them with snarky ad hominem attacks) is not only distasteful, it is also a complete waste of time."

Bold, so bold.

But then I found this morsel, sitting there like a fresh zit on a hormonally challenged teen-ager's face, waiting to be squeezed:

"At the present moment, Reagan's Children are voting for the first time, going to college, forming our worldview ideas and choosing our first jobs. We are the young soldiers fighting the war on terrorism, the first cohort to have been born with MTV and the first cohort to have grown up with the Internet."

Uh, yeah.

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