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Friday, May 05, 2006


What Is Best In Life?

Was it Genghis Kahn, Conan the Barbarian, or Dick van Patten, who said, "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women"? If I had any integrity, I would look up the answer, but not tell you, lest I reveal the identity of someone who wishes to be anonymous.

Of course, being an un-integritous hacker bastard child blogger, I have no integrity, so I have to tell you that the person who uttered such a horrible philosophy in that quotation is none other than...Aziz Poonawalla!

Fuck if I know who that is. Some Schmoe™ who is Noble™ and gots him the RealIntegrity™ that is required for all Civil Discourse™ in this age of Shrill Oppression By Liberals™.

Now, where are the HOOKERS with my peeled grapes? My hossenpfeffer? My pants?

Oh, so close! The answer we were looking for: miter saw. Miter saw...
Y'know, I wonder if 'integrity' isn't strong enough. Perhaps we need a more masculine and American word.

Integritocity!! or


Or maybe a mascot... the Integrosaurus? Integriton? IntegriShaft? Super IntegriFly?

Just throwing things out there... no bad ideas, people... Post-Its are free, so start writing!
Eet ees jour constant mention of los pantalones wheech keeps joo from joining the ranks of the civil bloggerrros.

Thees state of pants-ed-ness, she ees standing between joo and wider acceptance weetheen the larger main-stream-pantless-media-community, no?

"Free jour mind, and jour pants weel follow."

EGN, Do *you* wear pants?

Most cats barely seem to manage boots.

No I see no need for extra-accoutrements getting between me and las gatas.

Eet ees the humanos constant obsession weeth them that I find frustrating.

Now boots, and NO pants, thees would be a style that everyone should emulate, no?

Perhaps we need a more masculine and American word.

'scuse me...but there are girls involved here.

We need a nice non sexist term....integritism or integriality perhaps?
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