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Friday, June 30, 2006


Blog-Integrity™ 's Blog-Of-The-Week©

After much thought, and many argumentative exchanges, Blog-Integrity™ has chosen Sadly, No! as thees week's Blog-Integrity™ Blog-Of-The-Week©

Frrrom their award-worthy takedown of Jeff Goldstein, to their courageous forays eento the murky depths of the Online Integrity brouhaha and beyond, los bloggerros at Sadly, No! have shown a true reverence for the Blog-Integrity&trade.

Thees means that Sadly, No! joins the prestigious group of previous winners, let us hope that eet does no go to their heads, eh?

¡Felicitaciónes! Sadly, No! at being chosen as Blog-Integrity™ 's Blog-Of-The-Week©.


I gaht moe-war integrity comin' aht of my ey-ass that those muthah-fuckahs at Sey-adly No!
Jour accent, she makes eet harrrd for me to underrrstand that wheech joo are saying.

Joo should try some speech therapy, eet has done wonders for so many, no?

We love you, too, mexicommieslamofacist kitty!

But beware of the Jeff Goldstein, who makes no allowance for other species when it's time for him to threaten cock-slapping. People, cats, dogs, gerbils, centipedes, chickens, you name it, are all potential victims of COCK!

PS: Pasty will especially hold it against you that your meows are more manly than his tinny, castrato voice. Be careful, el gato!
That ees Hispanocommislamifascista, but jour meaning ees well-taken.

Thees Jeff Goldstein does no realize that el falo del Gato Negro though compact, ees muscular, and ees covered weeth tiny sharp spines.

Jeff Goldstein weel never know what heet heem, eh?

Jeff Goldstein aside, I think we have another sighting of blogintegrity over in the right blogosphere.

See also < here.

Greenwald provides the context
Make that

See also here.

Greenwald provides the context
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