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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Blog of the Week? You're soaking in it...

Huzzah !! BI has been chosen as this week's Blog of the Week, by Blog Integrity. What a pleasant surprise to come home to.

After careful consideration and much discussion, Blog Integrity has chosen Blog Integrity as this week's Blog of the Week.

Their careful attention to detail, their wit and their integrimaniacal devotion to online integrity made them the obvious choice.

On behalf of Thers, Phila, NTodd, The Black Cat (Spanish Edition) and myself, congratulations to Thers, Phila, NTodd, The Black Cat (Spanish Edition) and me, for your hard work and dedication to maintaining integrity on the internets. We salute you and thank you.

When this blog started, I knew we had something special happening - but I never dreamed we'd be chosen as Blog of the Week. I wish I had something profound to say here, like at the Oscars, but I'm slightly overwhelmed and, frankly, wondering whom I should call first with the news.

On behalf of Thers, Phila, NTodd, The Black Cat (Spanish Edition) and myself, I'll just say that we're humbled and honored to receive this noteworthy recognition and we'll certainly try to maintain the high level of integrifility that folks have come to expect from us.

Of course, none of this would be possible without you, our intelligent, attractive, witty and very probably well endowed readers. You make us what we are. When Life handed us accos, you helped us make accolades. Um... well, you know...

Anyhoo - Thanks, everyone! I can't even begin to describe how much this means to me, and probably Thers, Phila, NTodd and The Black Cat (Spanish Edition), as well. In fact, I'm s'darned excited about this, I'm placing a temporary moratorium on the NO FLIRTING policy here.

Desi, this is for you, baby. Mwah!!

(And in case Uma Thurman is reading this blog, I'll post this, for good measure.)

Thanks again, everybody!

Rip -

Huzzah !! BI has been chosen as this week's Blog of the Week, by Blog Integrity.

Can Tacitus say the same thing?

I think not.

(But he's dreeeamy nonetheless.)

You may win a blog of the week, but your lack of bloginflutie will keep you from winning the National Championship.
Congratulations!! Well deserved. And about time.....
¿Was eet because of my timely and skeelful use of the Bomba de Google?

Wheech reminds me: Jeff Goldstein

I'm sorry... which National Championship did Bloginflutie win...?
I simply adore people overdeveloped imagination. Ambrosia, baby. Simply Ambrosia.
Top o' the world, Ma!
Thees means that there must be more B.I. blogs-of-the-week forthcoming, no?

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