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Thursday, June 29, 2006


¿How do joo practice the Blog-Integrity&trade?

Recently, we have seen some good guidelines for practicing integrity online een regards to the role of los bloggerros as online-journalists.

However, Blog-Integrity&trade ees more than just practicing good online journalism, no?

Por ejemplo, some bloggerros, like Spocko at Spocko's Brain use their blogs as a way to keep their local media outlets honest.

Some, like MyDD's Chris Bowers, take their Blog-Integrity&trade eento the political realm, getting eenvolved een their state or local party, weeth an eye towards changing theengs from the ground up.

Others, like The Daou Report's Peter Daou, join onto campaigns, weighing een weeth their Blog-Integrity&trade as a way to create connections between los bloggerros and politicians at the highest levels.

Bloggerros wheech are no that ambitious (like jour humble, furry, author) seemply use their blogs as a way to draw attention to candidates worth supporting, weeth the hope that thees may also draw some donations their way.

So, mis compañeros bloggerros, my question to joo, she ees thees:

¿How do joo practice the Blog-Integrity&trade?


Um, I have no BlogIntegrity. This post offends me.
Upside down exclaimation point El Gato Negro!

I kiss you! Smack! Thank you!
And of course NTodd has no BlogIntegrity he also has no pants. I think the two are somehow connected. But he does have a wicked cool set o' dogs.
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