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Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Blog of the Week

This week's Online Integrity Blog of the Week is Jesus's General, run by General JC Christian.

The good general wins for displayingActual Integrity:
I've given a lot of thought over the last few days to the practice of publishing people's personal information on blogs. It's a despicable practice, an act designed to scare those targeted into silence. It is never justifiable.

I did something very similar a few months ago. I published a map of the area in which Michelle Malkin's former residence was situated. Although I did not publisher her address or label the exact location of her house--instead, I added a "Malkinwald Internment Camp" a few blocks away at a football field--I left the red Yahoo pin, unlabeled, at the location of her home....

I did it to retaliate for Malkin's publication of the personal info of two college students who had organized an anti-war demonstration. I was wrong to do that. Her actions spoke for themselves. They exposed her for what she is.

I now wish I had listened to Auguste at Malkin(s) Watch and the others who urged me to delete the post. They were right. I was wrong.

I want to thank reader Elendil for making me think long and hard about this. And I want to apologize to her for reacting defensively at first. She was right to call me on it.

¡Dios mio!

¿He admitted hees meestake?

Such a show of la integridad, eet ees almost enough to make one question whether he really ees a Republiculo.

You beat me to it.

Regardless... Huzzah !!
I suspect his blog was temporarily occupied by the French.
This site is obviously infected with integrity. I suspect it is the work of that blogofascisphere dictator Kos. And now y'all are getting the Jesus' General into your little integrilicious borg. You call yourselves rabid, venom-spewing lambs, but you're not. You're eat up with the integritude; I can smell it. I bet y'all don't allow flirting, neither. I bite my thumb at your integriticiousnessistude . . . dammit, you borgs know what I mean.
Hey, Thers. We're going to really fuck up this week, and apologize for it next week.... just in case..... but seriously and semantically..... what is this word "integrity"??? who's using it now???

This is what is in my care about it file:

The Society of Professional Journalists has issued a press release strongly supporting the New York Times, and the LA Times.

The American Society of Newspaper editors issued a statement deploring attempts by government leaders to demonize newspapers for fulfilling their constitutional role.

Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression condenms the House's condemnation of the free press, as does the ACLU.

But the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press? Nothing to say. Nothing. They say in their blog that the House of Representatives "spanked" the NYT in H. Res. 895.

What is this word "spank"?? Who's using it now???
Some nutcase says about Jeff Goldstein's two year old (site apparently down, nutcase reproduced here), "Ooh. Two year old boy. Sounds hot. You live in Colorado, I see. Hope no one Jon-Benets your baby."

Goldstein's apparently a little less indifferent to this sort of thing this time.
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