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Monday, July 03, 2006


¿Mess o' pottage?

Thees story from Businessweek has already been blogged about elsewhere, but I felt eet deserved further attention.

Ted Murphy, an advetising executive *¡koff!* ¡koff!* ¡Hrnrrnrnrnrrrn! *¡koff!* *¡¡Koff!!* *¡SPLAT!* (Yo disculparse, advertising executives geeve me the hairballs) ees launching where la blogsfera can sell out eet's shiny new media street cred for Five dolares a pop.

Jon Fine, the columnist (y bloggerro) who wrote about PayPerPost for Businessweek, seem to theenk that thees ees no such a good theeng:
But media today is so cynical that you have to come out and say that shilling without disclosure is a bad idea. (...) Thanks in no small part to bloggers, this is an era of increased media transparency, and many shifty dealings between the business and editorial sides have been exposed. (...)An undisclosed PayPerPost placement on a little-seen blog isn't the most egregious thing out there, but it's far from honest. Media may be more transparent, but the line between authentic editorial and paid placement is still often smeared, and defenders of disclosure can feel, like the proverbial buggy whip company, that they're terribly outmoded.

Lindsay Beyerstein seems to have less concern over the prospect that thees concept weel destroy la Integridad de la blogsfera:
I take comfort in the fact that the PayPerPost business model is so wretched that it will burn everyone involved. Companies who pay five bucks a pop for a couple sentences on a random blog are stupid.

From what I can tell PPP will pay anyone with a blog, irrespective of traffic. So, they're probably already spawning Astroturf Spam blogs--link farms that exist solely to house unread 30-50 word blurbs on spring break meccas that the spammer has never been to.

Kristjan Wager, een the comments at Lindsay's blog, breengs up a point wheech I find muy interesante:
Well, if politicians can do it, why not bloggers?

Finalmente, sometheeng to consider, from the businessweek article:
Those seeking to subvert PayPerPost from within can't: No pornographic or "illicit" content is accepted.

Amigos, that almost sounds like a challenge to me.


Cool -- the worst that can happen is we make a ton of dinero with Fancy Feast porn.
Blogrolled the Drawing the Line folks, too, finally...
¿Like thees?

I am glad that joo got jour power back.

I heard that eet could have been dark unteel tommorrow for joo all up there on Liberal Mountain.

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