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Sunday, July 16, 2006



Here is an interesting case that will amaze and delight all the true devotees of Online Integrity -- the Integriteers, if you will.

Spocko has been pointing out for a while that the fine folks at KSFO Radio are totally bananas, especially their marquee on-air personality, the charmingly, winsomely homicidal Melanie Morgan. Ms. Morgan has attracted attention lately for her adorable Mengele-esque conversations with her BFF, the lithesome A. Coulter.

Spocko has had the audacity to wonder if certain of Ms. Morgan's advertisers are fully comfortable with associating their products with naked calls for lynching journalists. The... fiend...

Joe Conason has the roundup at Salon. (Conason is not a signatory to Blogintegrity, but we do not hold that against him. Probably an oversight. He's busy.)

AND NOW FOR THE BLOGINTEGRITY: Spocko has been given shit from some goon, probably at KSFO, though perhaps it is some stray lunatic. (No direct link. Fuck that shit.)

Spocko, anonymously or not, pseudonymously or not, has been acting completely within his rights as a citizen to complain about the content of a radio station that after all uses the public airwaves.

No farther with this, kids. What they're trying to pull with Spocko is worse than what they did to me and my wife. That was just intrablog bullshit. This is about a media outlet trying to intimidate a citizen.

More later.

Ripley adds: Evidently, Melanie has no problem with people using the internets to intimidate people who may have different viewpoints. Check it, bleed!
Jones and his Bruin Alumni Association figured it was about time that someone documented just how revolting the push for leftist political thought in America's taxpayer-funded universities had gotten.

And the Bruin Alumni Association wisely realized the best way to share their findings with the world was to publish them online.

Britain, I understand, has some pretty stiff libel/slander laws and I wonder if we won't start seeing tighter legislation regarding internet posts here in the US, as well. Until then, I'd guess we'll be seeing more 'outing' and outright intimidation via the nets. Seems the RightWing has run out of real ideas, so they're reduced to finger-pointing and smears. And these are people who claim to be adults. Nice...

I encourage all who have read thees story to contact KSFO's advertisers and let them know their companies weel be seen as condoning thees behavior, not just the hate-speech, but also the veiled threats against a citizen seemply exercising hees rights. I theenk joo can find thees sponsors at Spocko's site.

Eef joo write a letter to them, send eet to Thers or me, and we weel post eet here.

Let us try for a lettle solidarity een thees matter.


I read some of the comments at your blog. I think you should keep after the advertisers and sponsors.
the lithesome A. Coulter.

Dammit, Thers! Work on your spelling. It's spelled with an 'oa' not an 'i' blogofascist.

Woah! This is some serious shit. Spocko must have touched a very sensitive nerve.
I've got a piece of the action up at my place. I must confess that Spocko impresses me all to Hellenbach.

Yes, I think Spocko has touched a very sensitive nerve. In one of his posts he mentions a multibillion dollar deal involving one of the offending radio stations -- that's a lot of incentive to be invested in the status quo.
I'm working on a post for BI, (thanks Thers!) in the mean time if you need to have an expert to quote about this issue, (attack on the media on journalist and bloggers by hate radio and their supporters) who would it be?

Progressive Lyceum wrote Ms. Morgan about this.

I had sent an email to Melanie Morgan on Friday eve. It read:

Just wanted to know if you were proud of yourself, now that the NYT has begun receiving terrorist parcels in the mail?

Because, you know, you worked so hard to work the minions into a blood lust. Great job.

This morning I got a response. It goes:

Why would the terrorists want to send parcels to the NYTimes?
the Times is carrying water for the Al Quada. It just doesn’t make any
sense—oh wait—the Islamists want TO KILL ALL AMERICANS. Something
the treasonous Times JUST DOESN’T GET.
Melanie Morgan

And this morning she called Joe Conason a hack. Listen to her miss the point, and never really address the issue. Then later she asked John Fund a "tough question" which he dodges by saying The WSJ didn't do anything wrong, don't include US Melanie.
Wow, nice conflation of "terrorist parcels" with "Teh Turrists" there, Melanie. I wonder if she's ever heard of a domestic terrorist. Probably she studiously ignores them because they all come from her side of the political spectrum. (DTIOKIYAR, after all...)
Darn. I had an opening for my post for your thoughts and blogger ate it. (Including some info on bio fuel!) I'll have to have ?! edit it. Vulcan can be so long winded.
Let me try again

"Hang 'em!" said Melanie Morgan.

In the movie Hotel Rwanda the Hutus are gathered around a radio listening to RTLM, Hutu power radio, to find out the addresses of the latest location of the Tutsis. So they can kill them.

I remember thinking, that couldn't happen here. Calling someone a traitor on the radio, calling for their death and then someone digs up their address so they could be attacked. Couldn't happen here. Until it did. (NY Times white powder link)

Its started - or more appropriately--it has continued and gotten more explicit. Who is going to be the first person to die based on the fury whipped up by a right wing radio host? Will it be Bill Keller from the NY Times. Glenn Simpson from the WSJ? An LA Times journalist? A blogger? Some innocent bystander in a mail room?

I'm going to try not to be a WATB (because I know Atrios is watching). But last Thursday someone from KSFO (an ABC/Disney station) put up a photo of Spocko on a blog they made. (Too bad Spocko wasn't wearing the "I am Atrios" hat!) The photo was from Eschacon and was taken by Ntodd. The photo was tracked back through Kenosha Kid's blog. Why was this put up? Same reason that criminals send a photo of your kid sleeping in your house. It's the "we know where you live" calling card. We can get to you. And this wasn't from some untethered person. This was from someone at ABC Radio/Disney. Doing it on Disney time, using the Disney computer. Posting from the Disney address. That is a fact and I have evidence to prove all of it.

For millions of people talk radio IS the media. When they talk people listen and then act. Words are powerful. Inciting violence isn't a joke or a game. Covering your self in the flag of "our troops!" and "we are at war" doesn't mean anything goes here in the US on the radio.
You can't suddenly say, the f word on broadcast radio with out a fine because someone wrote a story that in YOUR OPINION was dangerous (even if that opinion wasn't shared by the very people who you are supposedly supporting.)

Broadcast speech had very specific limits. Morgan broke them. Sussman broke them. I know it. The advertisers know it and the FCC should know it. And their bosses should know it. For them to ignore this is a travesty. And they should no longer have the PRIVILIDGE of broadcasting on that radio station. And it IS a privilege, not a right. Until someone at Disney steps up and tells them to step down they will keep spewing and attacking.

If someone at Disney doesn't act they could (and should) lose their license.
So what should I do, other than write to the advertizers?
Echidne: I'm putting together a list of advertisers here are a few
Office Depot
Mercedes Benz

But like any good campaign multiple methods and tactics are possible and encourages.
You are a great writer. Maybe Write a note WHY the talk from KFSO hosts is not acceptable and how it's not a violation of free speech to suggest she be fined, or fired because of it. Or Why nothing has been done when people like Coulter, Morgan, Rogers, Sussman and "Officer Vic"
say terrible things on the radio.Atrios always points this one out, but why does it keep happening.
Writing to the FCC writing is good, the focus needs to be correct. Indecency, obsenity, or inciting of violence.
Just being idiots isn't a violation of those rules.

here's some more advertisers on KFSO:

• Grace Body Shop
1379 San Mateo Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080

• Lexus Stevens Creek
3333 Stevens Creek Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95117

• A Tax Exit Firm
The Law Offices of Robert L. Goldstein are located throughout the Bay Area and specialize in IRS and state tax problems in California and throughout the United States.

• AccessBanc Mortgage
AccessBanc Mortgage is one of the largest mortgage brokers in the Bay Area.
2165 South Bascom Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008

• Attorney Moskowitz & Nixdorf, LLP
A staff of over 50 attorneys, CPA's and support personnel, headed by Steve Moskowitz, with over 30 years of tax experience.
Bay Area Locations: Castro Valley, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose.

• Lenox Financial Mortgage Corporation
Thousands of Lenox Financial customers in California have felt the power of our No Closing Cost Home Loan.

• O'Donnell Financial Group
900 Larkspur Landing Circle
Suite 150
Larkspur, CA 94939

• Kellogg Garden Products
Helping People Create Beautiful Landscapes and Gardens Since 1925.

• Window Broker
The Ultimate Window Company.

• Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley
Enter to Win Free LASIK from Dr. Gary Kawesch.
Located in San Jose and Pleasanton.

• SurroGenesis
SurroGenesis USA, LLC is a surrogate and egg donation agency.

• JG Banks Real Estate Seminar
Attend one of the upcoming J.G. Banks Real Estate seminars.

• Stub Hub
Buy and Sell Tickets on StubHub

• Fairmont Hotel San Francisco
950 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

(this list came from KFSO's site)

Then there's some others that you have listed:

BofA, MasterCard, Disneyland, Allstate, Alberston's
sorry, these are the one's you convinced to pull their ads from KSFO hate radio:

BofA, MasterCard, Disneyland, Allstate, Alberston's


and good job, Spocko!!
Inspired by Spocko, and Senor Gato Negro, I have posted a new one:

"Where John Lennon Meets Ann Coulter"
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