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Thursday, August 03, 2006



There ees no other word for what we have experienced lately from los bloggerros on the right.

Thees idea, first expressed by El Culo Bloggente Jeff Goldstein, that eef joo disagree weeth what someone writes, joo are absolved of any guilt when revealing their identity to the world:
Online Integrity Pledge? Fuck it. Like the Geneva Convention: You don’t sign it, no protections for you. I don’t give a shit what Ginsburg, Souter, Kennedy, Bryer, Stevens and Greenwald have to say on the matter.

And here:
I’m thinking I’ll maybe pull out of the Online Integrity thing. Integrity doesn’t mean we should be compelled to respect the privacy of those who rely on our restraint to launch the basest personal attacks.
Thees idea, she ees crrrap.
For, as our own Ripley has stated:
Thirdly (and mostly lastly), I flat out disagree with your statement. Maybe your ego is too tender to suffer the slings, arrows and all that rot of base personal attacks, but mine isn't. You can call me whatever you want, say anything about my family, use the foulest of language, drag your internet-enlarged cock across my face... knock yourself (selves?) out... I won't intimidate your offline Life or threaten your privacy. That's just the kind of guy I am. I expect the same from the rest of the blogosphere, whether I'm dealing with right-wing idiots or left-wing idiots.
And she ees no just any crap, but a dangerous and hateful crap.

As our own Thersites has found out, and Armando, and now, TBogg.

Ciertamente, thees thug, Patterico, left heemself an out. He employed a transparent veneer of rationalization that TBogg took thees action (to reveal hees identity) heemself, but I theenk eef joo read the thread een question, joo weel come to the same conclusion as Tbogg (and ¡ElGato Negro!).

Theese thugs, theese gamberros apestosos have made clear that eef they disagree weeth joo, they are more than justified een taking away jour pseudonymity and subjecting joo and jours to threats and intimidation.

Thees ees who they are, thees ees what they do.

The question remains:

¿What ees the proper response to thees thuggery?

¿Can someone tell me?


: Well, here is TBogg's response --
'm not going to get into a blogwar with Patterico but here is his fairly transparent "Idintdoit" response. Really, it's not a big deal. My name being out there won't change my life one bit. I won't lose my job. I'm not going to have a panic attack every time some one mentions it or my family, so if you comment on Patterico's blog: be nice.

He knows it was wrong, but he's playing "you were asking for it and besides you know you wanted it" card. As a prosecutor he's probably heard it a million times in rape cases and it obviously resonated with him.

And so: I'm done with it. Kerfuffle over.

Time to move on.
I think this is the right attitude. Once these weasels begin to go there, you leave it. Oh, you could always retailiate, and escalate. I was offered all sorts of "inside" information about pasty, but who cares? Their little games are so retarded, and so exhausting. And so are their endless attempts to pretend they didn't do what they obviously wanted to do from the very beginning.

What's hilarious about this is just how unable these weenies are to take getting teased. Call them names and they throw just the prissiest little tantrums.


Update by ¡El Gato Negro!

Thers has the right idea, although he deed no say eet een so many words.
Thees thug and hees eelk are enraged by a leetle ridicule.
The best response ees more ridicule,
as our compañeros bloggerros have made evident.

Brief Comment from Thers
: One thing -- if you post at Patterico's fever swamp, he'll grab your IP. Be careful.

Ripley adds: I couldn't resist. And, I found this in Patt's post:
I had no plan to actually “out” the guy, but — angry over his trashing of Malkin — I wanted to rattle his chain. So I left some obscure comments on the Malkin post, needling him. It was the kind of hints he would understand....
Huh... now, what possible motive could a person have for doing such a thing? The mind wobbles...

Oh, wait - I almost forgot the Troll Chow! Goldstein, Pablo, Pasty, Jeff 'Cock Slappin' Good Time!' Goldstein, Jeff Goldstein has a dick and he's not afraid to abuse it (see Pablo), Pablo McGoldstein, Goldstein Pablo wedding in the Lehi Banquet Room, Jeff Patterico McPablo Dickfor, Bigus Dickus...

Actually, JR was going to check with a criminal attorney of his acquaintance about a troll who has called here and said he was my mother! I guess lacking experience in relationships where you would naturally recognize the voice? or just whacked out beyond the power of reason. I think prosecution.

from Ruth
It is the online equivalent of knocking over the chessboard because you're losing the game.

I don't know how else to deal with it than by not engaging them in the first place.
Umm, I'm confused, The Black Cat. I wrote the graf that you said is crap. It's early and maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet - am I reading something wrong?

My point was that I would not stoop to 'outing' and/or intimidation via publishing personal info, regardless of things that someone might say about me online. Do I need to edit something in that post?
Ripley, I believe this post needs to be reworded, not yours. It's awkward, but the way I read it suggests your sentiments about the issue are the proper ones in contrast to those examples previously given.
I’m thinking I’ll maybe pull out of the Online Integrity thing. Integrity doesn’t mean we should be compelled to respect the privacy of those who rely on our restraint to launch the basest personal attacks.

Err, isn't Goldstein the one who's always talking about his dick? It's not like anyone makes him...

I was saying that Pasty's idea was crap, and that jour paragraph explained why, i weel add a few words to show thees.

Ahh, gotcha... I thought maybe you'd grabbed the wrong graf or I just hadn't been clear enough.

I haven't ventured to Paterrico's site yet - is it even worth the effort?

I haven't ventured to Paterrico's site yet - is it even worth the effort?


These people really are nuts.
Fuck the OI pledge, I'm gonna do it.

Y'know that guy who calls himself "Patterico?"

Well, I did some poking around, and it turns out he's actually "a sniveling little bitch."

Pathetic, man. If you're gonna be a bootlicking stormtrooper at least go for the whole authoritarianism's-dark-appeal angle.
I'm thinking a lot about the consequences of these outings.

As I said over at Whiskey Fire, It's all about intimidation and moving it out of the world of ideas into the world of sticks, stones, jobs and lawsuits which can break your bones.

Smearing you online isn't really good enough for them. They want you to know that they can hurt you physically or financially. And to do that they have to get to your real name and location.

It's all on a track for incitement to violence (physical or financial) that just goes beyond the pale and isn't ho ho hee hee funny anymore.

Just how many steps away are they from Hutu Power Radio telling listeners to "cut the tall trees"? They have identified the target, giving the justification, given directions and addresses even suggested means to their death. They of course leave it to someone else to "pull the trigger". Did you know that right now three radio broadcasters in Rwanda are serving time for they role in the genocide of the Tutsis?

I don't like to be alarmist, I really hope that the comments won't lead to off line stuff.
I didn't write too much about my outing partly because I believe the person doing it is capable of doing serious damage to me.
I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before I say more.

But it's one thing to snipe at each other in blogs, but if your blog impacts their real world they will stike back and we aren't in the battlefield of ideas and swear word anymore, we are in the world of lawsuits and mysterious white powers mailed to the house.

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