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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


New You-Tube-y goodness for Spocko

Our amigo, Dan McEnroe, has put together a new YouTube video
summing up the Spocko Saga.

Eet includes clips and pictures of the SNUFFRadio560am
hate-spewers, as well as some of their more colorful rantings.

Eef joo are new to thees story, or know someone who needs to get caught up
on the Spocko vs Disney Saga, thees piece ees an excellent place to start.

McEnroe even put een a leetle beet more about fair-use as well,
and the soundtrack ees just the icing on the cake, eh?

¡Gracias Sr. McEnroe!

[Rip adds] - The NY Times article on Spocko and KSFO is #5 on their Most Blogged articles list. So! (because Gato forgot to say it)

[Rip -]

Excellent work, Dan! Thanks!
Nice! Of course what I really love are those SUN Glasses. They will be ALL the rage here in Star Fleet Headquarters. I do how that they will be part of the
Online Blogintegrity merchandise!

Great stuff!
[Rip adds] - The NY Times article on Spocko and KSFO is #5 on their Most Blogged articles list. So! (because Gato forgot to say it)

I deed no know thees.

Es verdad.
Oy, That is a great clip... but I feel so horrible for making Dan pronounce our ludicrous URL.

I freely admit that I was drunk to hell when I created this blog, and that its original purpose was mostly to mock Tacitus, because he's a dick.

I concede that the URL for this site is stupid.
I do no know eef I disagree or no, no?

I have always enjoyed the self-reciprocating quality of the name, wheech Sr. McEnroe has used to comic effect.

Still and all, Blog-Integrity has a reeng to eet wheech I would no disregard out of paw.

Rachel Maddow was talking about Spocko's saga on Air America yesterday, having read about it at Firedoglake. I thought that was pretty cool.

Thers, I'm usually drunk as hell while reading this blog, so it's actually a good fit.
Holy Crrrap,

Rrread thees:

"Confusing Unfunny With Unacceptable-Riehlworld View

Filling in for Michelle Malkin, See Dubya observes:
Um, no. No, I most definitely wouldn't. I don't care if the guy had two thousand felonies, I don't want the state shooting people for property crimes. Battery cables on the testicles and summary executions may be cool within the Mahdi army or Chi-Com dungeons, but not here in America. There's nothing conservative about that sadistic, statist fantasy and as a conservative myself I don't like being associated with it."

So far, no muy mal, eh? But Riehl has problems weeth See-Dubya's rationality.

"What puzzles me is when bloggers, even conservative and even supposedly Libertarian ones make this leap from someone doing a funny, or, in this case, unfunny bit, to someone proposing actual legislation, or policy."


"It's fine to say one is put off by the hyperbole that they wish it weren't done. But to attack it from the perspective of what you want our legitimate government to do, or not do is akin to creating a straw-man."

*Ahem* ¿So when thees hombre said that someone should electrocute a prisoner before executing heem, he meant someone other than the government should do eet?

Let the market drive it. If enough people in the Bay area enjoy it, or are willing to see it as one example of over-reaching in an otherwise funny program, so be it. And as long as the people listen to KSFO, the sponsors would be foolish to go anywhere else.

There joo have eet, as long as the dolares flow, so must the show. No matter how vile the show gets.

¿But ees thees decision not up to the advertisers themselves?

Perhaps they do no weesh to be associated weeth the carnivale of mouthbreathing thuggery.

Watch Riehl go off the rails.

I don't even mind an individual contacting a sponsor of something and issuing a complaint. That's as much free speech as the offensive initiator of the incident. But when we start using mass media applications to drum up support for this or that effort to restrict or punish free speech, the truth always becomes gray, people take sides for entirely different reasons and the orange can be tossed out the(sic) apples when it didn't belong in that basket in the first place.

¿Que la chinga?

But once we start taking entertainment and give(sic) it the weight of genuine authority, it seems to me we're fighting apples with tactics we should reserve for oranges.

Joo may no even have to debate thees guy.

Just toss heem sometheeng shiny, no?

Great Video and updates all.

10 points McEnroe - Zip KSFO
BTW, this sites reporting and continuous updates on the KSFO/ABC/Disney bullshit has been superior.
I concede that the URL for this site is stupid.

it's ok, still on my favorites list.

Just toss heem sometheeng shiny, no?

spocko hit 'em right where they live. maybe america is waking up and realizing it's not funny to pay these clowns big money for acting like jackasses. that's what the internet is for.
The clip is a good 101 to the situation. I'd love to see a full length documentary on this.
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