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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Spocko/KSFO story in SF Gate

Excellent! Great timing, as well. KSFO Snuff Radio 560-AM will be holding a radio townhall tomorrow at 12:00 PST. I don't have the details in front of me but I'll post them in a bit.

SF Gate article
In a statement Wednesday, KSFO program director Ken Berry said, "Many of the remarks attributed to KSFO on the Internet are old, lacking context and, in some cases, outright lies. When our hosts have stepped over the line, they have apologized and have been reprimanded."

Berry declined to specify Wednesday which remarks were old or lies or who was reprimanded. Instead, at noon Friday, KSFO will pre-empt regular programming to allow four KSFO personalities cited in Spocko's e-mails to answer questions on-air about the controversy from the public, bloggers and media. "I don't tell people what to say, but I do think there will be some mea culpas there," Berry said.

Berry said KSFO will invite Spocko to appear on the air, but the blogger has declined such invitations in the past, saying in an e-mail to The Chronicle, "I'd be just another revenue generating 'event' for them to their audience, and they would love that kind of 'controversy' because it would MAKE them money and they still had control."

Spread the word! and Thanks!

Rip -

¡Thees article ees grrrrreat!

mea culpa makes it all better?
so you can go out and do it again?
isn't that what bush was trying to say last night?

hate speech is not an american value, not the idiom of diverse community, not acceptible nowhere nohow.

and although disney was mentioned in the article, the mea culpa needs to extend to abc & disney.

while the advertisers are just selling their products in the #4 AM radio SF market... it's abc & disney that are selling the ideology.... through films like Disney's "America's Heart and Soul"

and while i'm spouting... there's another thing that's stuck in my craw...

in the seventies i used to listen to JAZZBEAU COLLINS on KSFO Radio..... he was the very height of civilized manners.... and wow what a jazz feast..... truly he would rise up from the grave to protest what has become of that station.

ok, back to the swamp....
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