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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


You say tomato - we say hypocrite

Just a few thoughts, while I wait for the coffee to kick in.

I'm sure you're all familiar with this scene from KSFO's Whiniest Story Ever Told:
But as numerous blogs have noted in recent days, on December 21, ABC Inc., a subsidiary of the Disney-ABC Television Group, apparently issued a cease-and-desist letter targeting Spocko and his blog for copyright violation. Specifically, ABC alleged that by posting brief audio clips of various talk radio hosts on KSFO, the site was "in clear violation" of the station's copyright. The letter demanded that the owner of the site "remove the content immediately." (Media Matters)

Oh, they cried and cried about copyrighted material, how Fair Use didn't apply and how it made them look bad. Poor little radio hosts just asserting their God given right to protect their Intellectual (snort!) Property.

Well, it seems that Melanie Morgan is just terribly forgetful, laughably disingenuous or downright arrogant - or, more likely, all of the above. Examples, you say? I'd be happy to...

From Melanie's personal site,
On Melanie's 'About' page

NY Times Columnist Condemns Melanie
July 4, 2006
Op-Ed Columnist

Don't Turn Us Into Poodles
A pop-up window with what appears to be an entire op-ed column by Nicholas Kristof. According to the NY Times, the original column is 747 words. No commentary from Melanie, btw - just Kristof's column.
On Melanie's From Melanie page

All the News That's Fit to Bully
by Frank Rich

TWO weeks and counting, and the editor of The New York Times still has not been sentenced to the gas chamber. What a bummer for one California radio talk-show host, Melanie Morgan, who pronounced The Times guilty of treason and expressly endorsed that punishment. She and the rest of the get-the-press lynch mob are growing restless, wondering why newspapers haven't been prosecuted under the Espionage Act.
And again...
I was named
by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC

June 29: Click here to see me being named "Worst" person in the world.

June 30: Click here to listen to me being named "Worser" person in the world.

The June 30 link is an mp3 copy of audio from MSNBC's Countdown program, stored on Melanie's site.

So, it seems that Melanie doesn't have any problems posting other people's copyrighted materials to her website. And, notice that these items are all critical of her and/or her work. Keep that in mind when you read Melanie's wailings of 'we're under attack!'.
A coward who won't even publicly identify himself is trying to destroy my reputation, and has threatened the security of myself and my family, as well as my friends and colleagues at KSFO Radio.
Huh... It appears you enjoy attacks on your reputation. Badge of Honor and all that rot, eh?

And I'd love to see some evidence of anyone threatening your security, Melanie. Or maybe this is another one of those 'existential threats' you're always going on about, yes?

[Update] - Commentor 'stogie' takes a jab at OBI for our dearth of comments. Group sigh... There, we're all better now. Here at OBI, though, we know that it's not always what people say to us, it's what people see - and how many people see it.

Just sayin'...

Rip -

Hey Rip, thought I'd end the deafening silence of your comments section with a little riposte of my own.

Spocko is a coward and did try to destroy reputations with wildly out of context snippets and in some cases, outright lies. All you liberals are cowards, that's why you try to suppress conservative thought and talk radio. You can't refute conservatives, so you are left with smear, lies and misrepresentations.
¡¡Madre de Gatos Malditos del Inferno!!

¡Sometheeng steenks like burning wet shoes een here.

...and someone has been smoking cigarros as well.

Maybe la Trollita can enlighten us as to wheech of Spocko's claims are lies, eh?

...and as I believe that la Trollita has pulled thees accusation right out of hees steenky old culo, I am no holding my breath waiting for el Hediondo to make weeth the proof, no?

However, I am certain of at least one outright lie told by Melano Morgan and her shabby crew. Thees one was exposed publicly by Noam Cohen, of the New York Times. )

I remember blogging about eet, last sunday night.

That's not a "riposte," stogie. It's a statement unsupported by evidence.

Smoke, in other words.
Stogie, if you listen to the clips, there's plenty of context. As for 'outright lies', I'm not sure how anyone could come up with a lie from an audio clip.

'Smear, lies and misrepresentations' sounds like a tag line for KSFO. Or maybe Melanie's upcoming Special on Lifetime.

Unfortunately, you didn't win a prize - but thanks for stopping by. Feel free to grab a mint on your way out.
Excuse me Stooge:

" You can't refute conservatives..."

You can't? Amazingly, most of Amaericans refuted con-servatives just the past November.

Can you imagine?

Damn, that gravatar reminds me of GoldenHamster....
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