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Monday, February 05, 2007


Liars, Thieves and Hypocrites

Well, it seems that KSFO Drama Queen and PR Patriot, Melanie Morgan, just can’t get enough of playing the victim, and has turned her personal website into a blubbering collection of posts that let her play Damsel in Distress, hounded by dark and mysterious forces. Ooooh, high drama, indeed! So, let’s have some fun with that, shall we?

First, some background I put together before the San Francisco Thousand Watt Circle Jerk© on Jan 12th.
Morgan and Coulter love attention from Liberals
('It makes us a bigger bullseye for the Left - and that's always a good thing')

Morgan and Rodgers love to hear from Liberals
('Please keep the hate mail coming. We enjoy it immensely - We want to offend you')

As you can see and hear, Morgan and Rodgers have no problem with attention from liberals or Teh Left – they enjoy it! So keep it up, kids!

From Melanie's site:

Re: Sussman and the “halfrican” comment:
I want to officially correct the record regarding false allegations made against me by those on the political far Left, who are always quick to distort what I say for their own polical aggrandizement.

During an on-air discussion, I made reference to his using this term, and thereafter I let Mr. Sussman know that I did not approve of it. Terms that needlessly make reference to race or ethnic makeup are in poor taste.
The "halfrican" clip

First of all, what were these false allegations made against you? I’d say the focus was on Brian Sussman, since he made the comment, but enjoy your status as a self-styled victim, Melanie.

Second, you’re clearly laughing in this audio clip, then the topic changes to Hillary Clinton. So, when did you “let Mr. Sussman know that [you] did not approve of it”? As you said, you brought it up, but I don’t hear any protestation or chastisement in this audio clip. If it was so offensive to you, why would you bring it up for public consumption on your radio show? You could very easily have mentioned your disapproval to Brian in private and let the issue be forgotten. In his apology (see below) Brian even mentions that you looked “uncomfortable” as he continued his dialogue – why didn’t you say something then, on the air?

Tell you what – you send me a clip wherein you tell Brian you disapprove of the term “halfrican”, and I’ll issue a retraction. Until then, I can only assume you’re covering your ass.

As for Brian’s apology, this makes for an interesting segue to a related topic. Again, from Melanie’s personal site:
And here are Brian's own words about the subject in this audio link.
I’ll give Brian credit and acknowledge that it was a pretty decent apology. But here’s where the other topic comes up. Remember what actually turned this into a big ordeal? An attorney for ABC (KSFO’s parent company), Enid Karpeh, sent Spocko’s hosting company a C&D letter regarding copyrighted materials on his website, and his site was pulled, Fair Use be damned!

Did you check the URL for Sussman’s apology? Let me post it for you:

Yes, Melanie is hosting, not linking, copyrighted material on her personal website. Material that is copyrighted to ABC Radio/Disney. Want more? Sure you do! Again, from Melanie’s personal website:
Hear our three hour special broadcast in which we do the "Ultimate Smack-Down" of pinhead, cheesy cartoon characters with keyboards.
Oh, Melanie, you just don’t get it do you? The fact that KSFO forced you to break format and air a special program to deal with the fallout of your homicidal ranting just proves that you and your colleagues got the “Ultimate Smackdown.” Sorry, babe – in the PR world, it was an unqualified disaster.

But, let’s take a look at what Melanie posted. Here are the links to all 3 hours of the San Francisco Thousand Watt Circle Jerk© audio, in WMP and Real Player formats:

That’s 6 hours of ABC copyrighted material - not links to KSFO, but files stored on Melanie’s personal website. Now, raise your hand if you think that Melanie or her hosting company will receive a C&D letter from ABC attorney, Enid J. H. Karpeh.

So, I have to ask: Can you produce a copy of something giving you written permission to store these copyrighted audio clips on your site, Melanie? Something from ABC legal?

More goodies:
CNN's Unreliable Sources with Howard Kurtz takes on Mike Stark, the stalker who chased Senator George Allen out of politics with dirty tricks...
Where to begin… Calling Mike Stark a “stalker”? First, Mike is a resident of Virginia and was a constituent of former Senator Allen’s – he had every right to attend functions for former Senator Allen and ask questions. Also, “stalker” is a touchy term – you might want to reconsider your choice of words. Lastly, Mike didn’t chase Senator Allen out of politics, thousands of voters did – it’s called Democracy. There are many books on the subject – check one out some time.

Even more goodies: looks like the Internet stalker and his Vulcan pal who launcheda crusade against KSFO and my co-hosts have some interesting buddies -- Al Jazeera.

See for yourself. Click here

Ok, this is just pathetic. Again, you might want to reconsider using the term “internet stalker”. First, I don’t think you understand the meaning of the word. Second, throwing out terms like that could be grounds for a civil suit. Tsk tsk!

And, Al Jazeera? Interesting buddies? Seriously, how old are you? It’s like you’re stuck in Jr. High and for some reason you think you’re really clever.

Here’s the damning post from Al Jazeera that Melanie’s referring to:
In San Francisco, Richard Gizbert investigates a David and Goliath media story, where one blogger took on a radio station owned by ABC. The San Francisco station's hosts made comments the blogger called Spocko's Brain found offensive. He posted them on his site and informed the station's advertisers, who withdrew their business. That's when the lawyers were called in – and the blogosphere rushed to Spocko's rescue.

That’s it, kids. That’s the entire reference to KSFO and Spocko that allows Melanie to conflate liberals with terrorists. Pathetic. But, hey – as long as we’re playing the “guilt by association” game, let’s see what Melanie’s buddies are up to.

Remember this story from newsbusters? Noel Sheppard did his damnedest to bail Melanie out and change the subject. But do you know what else Noel did? I’ll tell ya.

Noel hotlinked 12 of 13 pictures in that post. That’s right – Noel is stealing bandwidth from other websites. Now, you might think that’s not a big deal – it’s just pictures, right? But any blogger or website proprietor knows that of all the Cardinal sins one can commit on the internets, hotlinking is pure evil. It’s unethical, it’s bad form and it’s wrong. Examples? Sure!



Detainee Torture

More Morgan

Cal Worthington

Looks bad, doesn’t it? And, just in case anyone thinks I’m cherry picking pics out of context, here are some more recent examples:

Al Franken

Lara Logan

Mike Stark;RS.jpg

Path to 9/11


I wonder what ABC will have to say about that. We’ll see, I suppose.

One last item… About 3 weeks ago, I commented at my site about Melanie’s claim, on the San Francisco Thousand Watt Circle Jerk©, of a mysterious Gallup poll. Here’s the gist of the post:

Our new friend FGFM posts this video on the YouTube, with

Fair Use commentary on the San Francisco Thousand Watt Circle Jerk©. If you listen closely, you’ll hear Melanie Morgan cite a recent Gallup poll, which states (paraphrasing – listen to the audio) “over 80% of Americans believe that anyone in the media who exposes state secrets in a time of war - and that's what this is, a time of war - should be tried for treason... and that's a Gallup poll!" Wow! That’s pretty damning, and quite the defense of KSFO’s calls for the execution of NY Times editor, Bill Keller.

Well, it would be if the poll actually existed. I spent some time digging around, going so far as to sit through a commercial at the site so I could access some of their info., and I didn’t find any such poll. The only Gallup polls I could find that dealt with treason were from 1953, 1978, 1981, 2001 and 2002 (re: John Lindh Walker). [cite]

I even checked at, a polling aggregator site, and came up empty when checking other polls (in case it wasn’t Gallup). Nothing on the Google re: “Gallup + treason” or “Gallup + treason + media” that referred to Melanie’s alleged poll, either.

So, one is left to wonder, once again, just what the Hell is going on at KSFO. I suppose it’s possible that there was a poll in Melanie’s head, which stated that “more than 80% of America…”, but how the heck am I supposed to refute that? Or maybe KSFO picked up an inside scoop that nobody else was privy to – hey, it could happen!

I don’t know… But, I can assure you – if someone can point me to a specific, recent Gallup poll that accurately reflects Melanie’s statement, I’ll be more than happy to issue a retraction, and maybe even a real apology. Seriously. There’s no love lost between KSFO and myself, but I’d rather be accurate than ‘right’.

[Update] – I did find this, at FOX News
These are just some of the findings of the new national telephone poll of 900 registered voters conducted from June 27 to June 28 by Opinion Dynamics Corporation for FOX News. The poll has a 3-point error margin. [I couldn’t find a link to the actual poll, though. Can anyone point me to it?]

The Bush administration asked the New York Times not to publish information about the secret program, but the newspaper went ahead because it felt it was in the public interest to do so. By publishing the story, a 60 percent majority thinks the Times did more to help terrorist groups than the public (27 percent).

More Americans blame government employees for leaking the classified info (51 percent) than the media for reporting it (28 percent).

Furthermore, almost all (87 percent) think the employees who leaked should face criminal charges and two-thirds think the news organizations should. Even so, only 43 percent are willing to call what the media did treason, and almost as many think the organizations that published the information were operating for the public good (37 percent).

Note that more Americans blame the Gov’t. employees than the media, and less than 50% were willing to call the media’s actions ‘treason’.

You want to play Media Professional, Melanie? Act like a Media Professional, not an agenda-driven ideologue who ‘every day for four hours… sits behind a radio microphone’.

As I said – if someone can point me to the poll she’s citing, I’ll issue a retraction.

I checked again, the other day, and I still can’t find this phantom Gallup poll that Melanie is citing. Our friend, Suskind, looked but couldn’t find it, either. I’ll happily issue a retraction if someone can provide the Gallup poll that supports Melanie’s claim. Until then, I can only assume she’s a liar.

(Hoist a pint for our new “interesting buddy”, Bob King, whose post at gave us the Newsbusters scandal. Thanks, Bob!)

So, there you have it, kids. Again, if someone can provide honest refutation or sources, I’ll start retracting like the water’s cold. Until then – to the best of our knowledge, they’re liars, thieves and hypocrites, all...

Rip -

Señora Morgan, su pantalones estan en fuego.

All that hosting! I do hope she gets a C&D from ABC. Maybe that is what they are working on instead of a letter to EFF rescinding my C&D.

What Morgan did with those hours is called REBROADCASTING. Which is different than using clips under the Fair Use provision. Now ol' Spocko knows how KSFO LOVES to play the context game. "You have to listen to the WHOLE SHOW to get the context!"

But I wouldn't put up the whole show for advertisers. I told them to listen for themselves, because otherwise that would be REBROADCSTING (what Morgan just did) and as the NFL often reminds people, that usually requires permission, something like "No portion of this site may be reproduced without the express written permission of NFL Enterprises."

So did ABC give her permission to rebroadcast that?

Which raises another issue. When is Morgan the KSFO host and paid employee and when is she Morgan the Chairwoman of Move America Forward? When is she a private citizen?

When is she the owner of a website that rebroadcasts ABC/Disney material and when is she an employee of ABC/Disney? Is she putting the website up as an ABC/Disney employee? Or is this a personal site? Is it funded by Move America Forward, a 501 (c)?

So many questions. So few answers.

By the way. GREAT Post.
Damn straight I couldn't find that illusive "Gallup poll"
What I found was a CNN poll from that time period, June 27, 2006:

Is the U.S. media justified in publishing reports of how bank records are being tracked by Washington in the hunt for terrorists?

Yes 55%

No 45%
43782 votes

Total: 97121 votes

I'd like Ms. Morgan to back up just this one wee claim. Really.
Wow, Ripley, amazing stuff. You've been working very hard! Sadly, as you know, the right wing can get away with this crap over and over again because only liberals are criminals. And it looks like ABC/Disney/Mr. Burns will cover for these idiots.
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