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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Pant-Load in Hot-seat: Spills Beans on Cheese-Eaters

I thought that thees deserved a leetle more play:

Our fearless compañerro Mike Stark, over at hees wonderful,
and muy divertido blog,, has recounted a brief meeting weeth Jonah Goldberg, wherein Señor Pantload makes a startling admission.

I weel no spoil the surprise, she ees just too good to pass up.

¡Vamanos! Go and read eet for jourself.


Ho-kay I swear on the Dios de los gatos del paradiso that thees piece had different spacing when I posted eet.

Evrything down to the hot link was up to the right of the pic.

¿What has happened?
Did you try reloading the page? Blogger's kind of weird about that. And just weird, in general.

Oh, I have a story, btw. A goooood story...
rip email me.

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