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Monday, March 12, 2007


Blog-Integral: Accuracy

One of the hallmarks of Integrity, especially as eet relates to blogging, ees accuracy.

For the sake of thees discussion I would even posit that accuracy is the load-bearing-wall of Blog-Integrity (eef such a term ees to have any constant meaning beyond a cathartic parody of a similar conceptual portmanteau more broadly defined, and covering a wider range of reprehensible acts as a result).

¿Where was I?

Oh, si, accuracy.

Eef los bloggerros are to hold any longterm hope of being respected, even grudgingly, een the traditional media, they must be scrupulously accurate, for traditional media holds weeth the perceived sloppiness of la blogsfera as a dog stubbornly holds to a drool-encrusted, bedraggled and foul-smelling pet-toy.

No, thees ees not about Ann Coulter.

Let me begin again.

Amigos, accuracy ees the sine qua non of Blog-Integrity. Accuracy een blogging ees an ongoing process, as blogging ees a process. The increasing influence of la blogsfera means that thees process must be geeven a priority, and ees due constant attention.

Weeth thees een mind, eet was pleasantly reassuring to read the recent work of Michael Suskind, of the blog Drawing the Line. Over the course of three exhaustively well-researched posts at DTL (Cross-posted at Naranjo Diablo), Suskind challenges a claim that had been gaining ground across la blogsfera, to weet: That el Chimperador's administration has been scrubbing the Whitehouse web site.

Update 14Mar by egn: Suskind was responding to thees original blog-post, wheech ees also mentioned een the primero dKos diary leested below.

Thees ees a serious accusation, for, as Suskind tells us, El Chimperador's administration has been caught doing thees very theeng once before, and the information that had been removed was placed back on the site.

¿So why wouldn't they do eet again, eh?

¿Ees eet no rrreasonable to assume they would?

Suskind assumes nothing, thoroughly investigates the claim by digging through publicly available sources, and comes to an interesting conclusion. Then, being a thorough sort of journalist, he checks hees findings against a different source, a source weeth wheech joo may be familiar.

I weel no geeve away too much, only that eet makes a good read, so vamos, go and enjoy.

Oh, y tambien, I weel say gracias to Sr. Suskind for having shown heemself able to fulfeel such a necessary role en la blogsfera.


Drawing the line
What I did not find at
Are Any Cheney Files Missing?"

Update: I wanted to post the original dKos diaries as well, for two reasons:

1. the comment threads are eenstructive, and

2. The original dKos diary from suskind carries thees leetle gem:
I emailed the author with 19 points of inaccuracies in his diary, and missing information, but received no answer. I also emailed two front pagers asking "What should I do?" I heard back from one of them it said "correct him at your own risk."
(emphasees by egn)

...muy divertido.

What I Did NOT Find at by suskind, dKos diary,
Sun Mar 04, 2007

What I Did NOT Find at Whitehouse dot gov by suskind, dKos diary,
Sun Mar 05, 2007

They were some pretty powerful diaries, indeed. And kudos! for sticking his neck out to refute a diary that could have become a misguided Talking Point, and risking the heat from other liberal bloggers.

The MSM could learn a few things from our friend, Suskind.
All I can say is thank you.
Bob Burton of SourceWatch has removed the dubious article.
It helped enormously that Dan Froomkin of the Washington Post answered back right away.
No matter what our claims, the burden of proof is on us.
In this case someone yelled fire in a theater that caught fire three times in 2004... but there was no proof of a fire this time, and a bit of a blog panic ensued.

Once again I hold Sr. Spocko as an example of the even tempered approach that works when catching out the bastards in their nefarious doings. Lets get them, but lets make the charges stick with facts.

Thanks for the recognition, you guys.. guess you weren't aware that I left DK after this... because of the lack of editorial standards, reality base and all that.
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