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Thursday, December 14, 2006


Thees game, she could be fun.

Amigos, I had hoped to avoid having to write thees post.

However, recent actions from some een las Sociedad des Frotacionados have left me weeth leetle alternative.

Eef eet ees an accepted truism een la prenza these days that the image, she ees everytheeng, and the substance, she ees notheeng, than certainly "jokes" like thees should no be countenanced.

Leetle jabs like that of Greenfield's can help marginalize a candidate or define heem/her een negative ways. Visual attacks such as those using the splitscreen format are so graphically strong, and yet informationally vapid, that I do no see them being abandoned by the media any time soon.

I must therefore note the curious lack of response from the excessively-renumerated democratic strategists/imagineers and even among the more (nominally) moderate pudding-talking-heads.

Further, while no necessarily questioning their motives, I must also wonder why no one has made thees sartorial comparison en la prenza or even en linea:

Now, were I a clever leetle overpaid consultant, I would most certainly be working my corpulent, pasty culo off to make eet a certainty that these two hombres have a photo-opportunity how-joo-say "tout de suite".


(Note: Thees ees no to say that ¡El Gato Negro! endorses Senadore Obama or any other 2008 Presidential candidate. I seemply offer thees leetle show & tell een the spirit of civility.)

This is good stuff.

It only took me three months to find your blog. (Granted, Chimpy can't find his ass with both hands, but still, Simels regret the error.)

You have been blogrolled?. Beware.

(Seriously, I'll be around. I dig this muchly.)
Remove question mark.

Preview is your friend.

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