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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Where We Are Going, You Cannot Follow

Who's the more the foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows him?

Update by egn: Just so joo know, joo actually can follow us.

Just click on the above leenk, or go here:



Sunday, April 08, 2007


Blog Against Theocracy



Pipples should just go back to worsheeping gatos, no?


Update: by ¡egn!

From the above leenk (written by Caroline Seawright)

Herodotus describes the 'Festival of Bast' where thousands of men and women travelled on boats, partying like crazy. They had music, singing, clapping and dancing. When they passed towns, the women would call out dirty jokes to the shore-bound, often flashing the townsfolk by lifting up their skirts over their heads! When they reached Bubastis, they made their sacrificies of various animals, and drank as much wine as they could stomach. No wonder it was such a popular festival!!

When the people are on their way to Bubastis, they go by river, a great number in every boat, men and women together. Some of the women make a noise with rattles, others play flutes all the way, while the rest of the women, and the men, sing and clap their hands. As they travel by river to Bubastis, whenever they come near any other town they bring their boat near the bank; then some of the women do as I have said, while some shout mockery of the women of the town; others dance, and others stand up and lift their skirts. They do this whenever they come alongside any riverside town. But when they have reached Bubastis, they make a festival with great sacrifices, and more wine is drunk at this feast than in the whole year besides.

¿Now, amigos, does thees no sound more fun than sitting een some stuffy box, wearing itchy clothes while some old man harangues joo about the death of some hombre wheech happened 2000 plus years before joo were born?:


Thursday, April 05, 2007


¡Ah! The Frog-Faced Stranger Who Will Lead Us to The Magic Kingdom!

Ho-kay, so, sometheeng that Cabrone perezoso borracho posted last week on one of hees other, lesser, blogs reminded me of a certain leetle brou-haha-haha that percolated over during the heady post-election glow of the 2006 elections.

A few members of el sociedad de los frotacíonados profesíonales*, using some derogatory spleet-screen imagery, had been having some fun at the expense of Senadore Obama. As I recall, they were pretty roundly smacked down by pipples from across la blogsfera.

Here at the "Leetle-Blog-on-the-Integrity", we were not long delayed een taking our own tiny, smug, jabs as well:

Primero, I noted that Obama supporters could play the same game, likely to better effect.

Segundo, Thersites played the argumentum ad captandum card, allowing that los frotacíonados had many ridiculous tropes they would most likely use, such as Scary Asians, and Democrats as Girly-Men, not to mention the whole usual poisonous stew of American Media Prejudice against Black pipples.

NTodd chose to abandon the dog-whistle subtext for a more straightforward reductio ad absurdum (the FOX gambit).

And the game ended there, although I remember theenking there was at least one other candidado who was rrripe for the same treatment.

(...y tambien, tomorrow we start on Lumpy-haid McCain peectures.)
# posted by ¡El Gato Negro! : 10:03 PM

So, as I read Thersites post on Kyle Sampson's doppelganger quality (for a fictitious alien), she immediately brought the unmet blogging-opportunity to mind.

¡Immediatamente, I had pounced onto the Google! Hunting the photos of el Cabezazo-trozo weeth fierce abandon and casting about the net for similar images, fictional or metaphoric.


There are so many that could be employed, I hunted them like slow mice.

Mine for the catching.

Thees has been almost entirely too easy. Senadore Lumpy-haid has many exploitable weaknesses. The most obvious ones involve age, political inconsistency, and a naked lust for power wheech he has a hard time concealing.

¿¡Que divertido, no!?

Si, hilarity indeed, and jet, sometheeng important, she was lacking.

My image searches had led me to a stark realization about poking-the-fun at los Republiculos.

There are no spleet-screen images that one could exploit wheech would cut deeper than the real images of the pipples weeth whom the Republiculos candidates choose to associate.

To put eet another way: There ees no personage that joo could stick John McCain's head next to, wheech would be worse than the pipples whom he actually sticks hees head next to by choice.

...and Senadore Lumpy-haid ees no the only candidado Republiculo to have thees leetle problem, no? The other two hijos de putas enculamientos have also been buddy-buddy weeth the kind of pipples who are no good for the long-term health of any national campaign.

¿Seriously, can one possibly create a spleet-screen image that ees more troublesome for Mitt Romney than the existing shot of hees overlarge, brilliantined cabeza going mano-a-mano tête-à-tête weeth Annathema Coulter?

¿Likewise, ees anyone likely to manufacture an image of Giuliani wheech would have a more malign effect on hees Presidential ambitions than the very real photo of Rudy embracing hees B.F.F., the incompetent, mobbed-up adulterous gomberro, Bernie Kerik?

Eet seemed that I had reached an impasse. The Republiculo frontrunners, by and large, should receive far more ridicule from actual peectures for wheech they have posed than any self-satisfactory leetle mash-up wheech my poor mind could conceive.

Thees ees how matters stood, until thees week, when Las Dias-Felinas de Risa looked down upon their humble servant and smiled.

¿Now, who ees up for Rrround three?


*No leenk, joo can find eet easy enough eef joo are curious.
McCain in Baghdad photo via Jesus Generale

Sunday, April 01, 2007


¡Happy Bloggiversary!

¡Happy Two-Year Bloggiversary to Driftglass!

Eef joo are among los unfortunados who do no read Driftglass on a regular basis, I can only promise that I weel try to express my profound sympathy for joo een a way wheech weel no be too embarrassing, publicly.

Happy Bloggiversary to Driftglass, whose regular readers have the joy of a perpetual drive-in movie, where the concession stand is a library, and up on the screen you can see the work of a human whose love of the English language allows him to use it as a scalpel, a reservoir, and a bulldozer.



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