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Thursday, May 11, 2006



After reading the OI-Statement of principles, eet occurs to me that thees blooger-person, how-joo-say "Tactless", could seemply have called hees work "The Online Pseudonymous Privacy Project", and left the whole concept of "Integrity" out altogether. (and possibly has, no?)

Tactless claims that he seeks to protect online privacy, especially that of pseudonymous bloggers, and I theenk we can all appreciate what would lead heem to take thees course of action.

(Sadly eet seems that at least one signatory to hees leetle juramento de integridad does no agree weeth heem on thees point.)

But now, the dialog has sheefted from privacy for plagiarists to thees whole notion of "Civility".

Hrnrnrnrn! Hrnhrnhrnhnrnnn!
Ack! ACk! Koff!! *SPLAT*

Perdóna me, I had a hairball.


For Tactless, "civility" would seem to be synonymous weeth "condescension" as he showed when he trolled threads at Sadly, No, FireDogLake, and MyDD.

Eet ees true that El Gato Negro! does no possess thees form of "civility".

But what do the nutty-weengers mean generally when they speak of thees idea, thees "civility"?

Do they mean racial tolerance?

Do they mean uplifting the dialog eento a higher level of respectability?
Evidently, No.

So when Tactless says:

One closing note: when the major left-bloggers — including but not even nearly limited to Hamsher — began their campaign against the nonpartisan, nonideological Online Integrity, one major excuse given (besides the Ackbar thesis) was that the blogospheric left is more than capable of policing its own — and does so with alacrity. So, Georgia10, Chris Bowers, Matt Stoller, Stirling Newberry, Oliver Willis, dKos editors, et al.: let’s see it. Let’s see the left enforce some basic decency in its own ranks. I, for one, have the greatest confidence in your integrity and your word.

Then he can only mean one theeng.

No more cursing.

Liberalista bloggerros, by and large have a reputation, deserved or no, for los maldiciones. I must confess I myself have been guilty on occasion of referring to right-nutty-weengers as "steenky" and also enculando asqueros maracon de playas sin huevos qui chinga ses madres.

For thees I am resolved to try to amend my behavior.

Amigos, there ees an uncomplicated, yet elegant solution to the perceived problem of los bloggerros dropping the F-bomb like so many rabbit pellets all over la bloggesfera.

Señors, señoras, y señoritas, I present to joo:

The Blog-Integrity&trade Online Virtual Swearjar&trade

Si, weeth the help of the new Blog-Integrity&trade Online Virtual Swearjar&trade los bloggerros can begin to atone for their feelthy, feelthy, potty-mouths, while at the same time, working for a better bloggesfera for all.

Here's how she works:

Whenever a lefty bloggerro or bloggerra publishes a post containing a nasty word, they seemply put a nickel een the Blog-Integrity&trade Online Virtual Swearjar&trade. (We weel endeavour to have a Pay-pal account up by Monday, eh?)

Now, los bloggeros can begin to track and police their own naughty language.

Then, when we have enough dolares saved up een the Blog-Integrity&trade Online Virtual Swearjar&trade, we can buy Tactless hees very own internet, where he and hees leetle squalling, bigoted, eliminationist anormales can all go and be "civil" together, and leave us alone.

¿And the best part?

Joo do no even have to sign a steenky old pledge.


Fuck, shit, damn, ass, hell, bitch, dick, pussy.

Just making a downpayment.

we can buy Tactless hees very own internet

BWA-hahahaha! Excellent debut, El Gato!

If I may:

"Step 1: Instead of ass say buns, like "kiss my buns" or "you're a buns hole"

Step 2: Instead of shit say poo, as in "bull poo", "poo head" and this "poo is cold"

Step 3: With bitch drop the t because bich is latin for generosity

Step 4: Dont say fuck any more because fuck is the worst word that you can say

So just use the word mmmkay!"

Joycamp - can I still give handjobs for crack?
oh this is too good. the black cat has a post.

most people don't know this, i invented the word Fuck. that's right, just made it up when i was six years old. my 5 year old brother told me i had done a very bad thing, but i told him he was full of shit.

so i went and asked mom, yikes...

and one more thing, FUCK Bush, he's an idiot, so is tacitus, who ever in the hell he is, and i'm not putting any money in the tip jar.
ntodd: I guess if it's 'fair trade' crack.
This is just great. I'm gonna end up wearing a burlap sack and living in a hollow log.
I do no know, Phila.

A nickel a swear ees pretty cheap.

Unless joo are the Rude Pundit, but I am no certain that he considers heemself to be a bloggerro liberalista.

And she ees for a good cause,no?

This is the greatest blog post ever.
Horse shit, cow shit,
suck your mother's tit.
Cocksucker, motherfucker,
eat a bag of shit.

How much was that?

(5/5 smiley rating)
Cheneying heck, this is goshdarn hecow poo!

You one smart p.uddy tat
Gracias, gracias, gracias for your photo! Once again, to gaze on your direct gaze filled with, uh, insolence and...and...and civility!

It buuuuuuuuuurns!
Jarkeep, can I run a fuckin' tab?
'Bout time you Mexicat got you a blog.
That's fantastic. Fuckin' fantastic, I'd say.

The next logical step is an all-star group of bloggers recording a number-one jam for a civility-related charity of choice. Entitled "We're sending our civility down the well," it should feature Insty in the Dan Ackroyd role.
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