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Sunday, June 04, 2006


If Integrities Were Ostriches

Then Tacitus would be burying the Pasty Unpleasantness:

(Originally posted at SwordsCrossed, based on a comment posted on OnlineIntegrity and removed)

Sorry for the offtopic post. But I tried to find your (Armando) and Josh Trevino's email addresses here and at online integrity but could not. Nor can I find at either site how to communicate with the blog owners. And I cannot find a way at online integrity to report an abuse.

I tried to post a comment about an abuse an online integrity, but the comment never posted and my username was banned from the site.

A rather serious situation has come up regarding Jeff Goldstein a signer of the online integrity pledge. A commenter of Jeff's outed Thersites and NY Mary's meatspace names and their place of employment. Jeff later went on to publish and republish these names.

More details can be found at

This appears to be very serious and raises the following questions:

  1. How does someone report an abuse?
  1. What is the onlineintegrity process in determining if an abuse has taken place?
  1. What is the expected time before OI makes an official remark?
  1. Why was "GeneralMichaelHayden" banned at OI when his "crime" apparently was reporting an online abuse and providing details?
  1. How come email addresses or a contact form are not provided at online integrity?

Does online integrity have any integrity?


Doesn't anyone care about being first on here?
Well, I can't stay long....have to plot world dominion. First step: legalize gay marriage the USA.

Best wishes,
N. Carpathia

P.S Ntodd, you're a handsome devil...
Tacitus left SC a while ago... but I wonder who is doing the deleting at OI. It's kind of silly, really.
But to talk of someone who has violated Online Integrity weel only drive more traffic to their site, a clear violation of Online Integrity.

The right theeng to do ees never mention eet again.

Joo read correctly, the only response to those who have violated a pledge joo meestakenly thought was valid ees to eegnore eet, and hope eet goes away.

Omerta ees jour only choice.

Wait, what are we not talking about?
Well now...

Armando ees gone.

A founder of OI has been outed, and weel queet the life of a bloggerro.

How weel Treviño react to thees?

Weel he say that thees merely proves hees assertion that:

"The online left, at least, is suffused with a paranoid ethic that precludes any meaningful collaboration — even on areas of common interest — with the right."

¡El Gato Negro! for one would be eenterested to hear hees response.

Between Patrick Bell and Jeff Goldstein and the enormous silence from OI, isn't it about time to ask Ezra Klein, Mark Kleiman, Hilzoy, Max Sawicky if they are following the going's on of OI, and if they should still be considered supporters of OI?

I truly don't get it, Armando's outing gets a mediocre mention, Thersite's and Clif's yields nothing. What is it that Klein, Kleiman, Hilzoy and Sawicky understand that I do not?
OT, but through a typo, I found out that your blog name is not original!
check out

That's from 2004
Interesting, no?
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